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Totally Toxin Free with Molecular Hydrogen Water!

Keith Hackett lives in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales. He’s a happy UltraStream user. Keith rang me yesterday.. “I went to a naturopath for a hair analysis to learn what toxins I may have in my body.  I got a call from her with the results. She was amazed. I had NO toxins show up. She had […]

A Good Laugh about Molecular Hydrogen

OK, OK. I am sure that other nationalities have a good laugh about some translations of English that Mother Google manages to mangle. So my Japanese friends, please excuse me. I am laughing at Google, not you. I was looking at a Japanese company that manufactures canned H2 water, and clicked through to their testimonial page. […]

Tyler LeBaron lectures on Molecular Hydrogen and Hydrogen Water.

Tyler LeBaron has become the #1 source of information on hydrogen rich water. This talk, given to the Age Management Medicine Conference in November 2015 shows just how far he has come.Tyler also established the Molecular hydrogen Foundation last year, a non-profit organisation of the best scientific minds from around the world. To keep up […]


Everyone has a hangover remedy. — a greasy meal, fish oil, over-the-counter hangover fixes, more booze… the list goes on. So it’s rather disappointing to learn of new research that says drinking water and eating food won’t cure a hangover, and the only true hangover cure is to drink less. Sorry, I have a problem. […]

All the best tips on using hydrogen tablets

Gavin Dickinson is an old mate, even though he works for one of our competitors. His Facebook page on H2 is a great resource, and this post of his prevented me from having to write our own. I have added our observations in his article in red. Why is it so important to fill my container […]

Ian’s latest Walkabout… er.. sitabout.. with Cassie

Today we are at AlkaWay talking about urine tests and pH balance… and why you may still have acidic urine even though you are drinking alkaline water from the UltraStream – or any other water ionizer. Urine pH is a multifaceted question and you can’t simply expect it to change just because you eat broccoli […]

Orange Juice vs. AlkaWay Water

Back at school I was a coke freak. Coca Cola that is. Then I ‘got smart’ and began to care about my health so I went for the next dominant paradigm; orange juice. Now I drink water; alkaline hydrogen infused water. So what’s so bad about orange juice? Well, according to this article from the […]

Hydrogen Literature

It’s so exciting to get report and after report in my inbox about the beneficial effects of hydrogen.. 210 studies and counting. Woops! As at 19th of August (today) there are now over 400! I don’t expect you to read them all but for an overview of the research, click here.