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Magnesium: Your Way To Abundant Health

I have no expertise in this particular virus, but I believe it’s my immunity working the same way it has since I chose the alkaline way of life twenty-one years ago. Let’s talk about magnesium.

Magnesium: Are you getting enough?

Magnesium: Are you getting enough?

Magnesium is the central element in chlorophyll and the basis of early life on the planet. (Which is a good thing when you consider all of the amazing things it does for us every day):

The Importance of Minerals in our water.

Reverse Osmosis water killing people? Yes. There’s a whole industry profiting from our concept of ‘pure’ water. And yet, we’ve never had ‘pure water’ in our whole history except, perhaps when we opened our mouths in a rain storm. Pure water is NOT natural, and this report really shows its effect. A new Israeli report states […]

Magnesium in Water and Hip Fracture: more evidence comes in.

We spent quite some time last year summarizing over 100 scientific studies on the effects of hard water on health around the world, including hip fractures. The results were quite unequivocal and we have actually published our own findings here. Apart from the obvious conclusion that hard (alkaline) water is good for us, there was also […]

Hard (alkaline) Water: A comprehensive report on its value for health

THE WATER STORY & HEART DISEASE Source: HEALTHY WATER Martin Fox, Ph.D. “Over the years many studies have been published on the relationship between drinking water and cardiovascular mortality. Two beneficial factors continually stand out – hardness and total dissolved solids. Both have been associated with lower mortality from heart disease. Hardness refers to the […]

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