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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is the standard delivery time to Melbourne metro?

    2- 3 standard business days depending on lodgement time.

  • Can you tell me the approximate delivery date?

    Once your order has been dispatched from our warehouse you should be notified by the carrier with a tracking number. However, if for some reason this doesn’t happen then you can always contact us and we will happily locate your order details.

    Approximate delivery times:
    NSW  1 – 3 business days.
    VIC  3 – 4  business days.
    QLD  1 – 3 business days.
    TAS  5 – 8 Business days.
    During Covid-19 shipments to NT and WA are experiencing delays.


  • How much is standard postage?

    Prices may vary depending on what you purchase but generally:
    Northern Rivers area – $10.
    TAS, VIC, QLD, and the rest of NSW – $15
    Standard postage to Western Australia – $20

    Approximate delivery times:
    NSW  1 – 3 business days.
    VIC  3 – 4  business days.
    QLD  1 – 3 business days.
    TAS  5 – 8 Business days.
    During Covid-19 shipments to NT and WA are experiencing delays.

  • Do you deliver to Australia?

    Yes, we ship worldwide from Byron Bay, Australia.

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UltraStream 20 questions
  • Can you drink this water just like tap water… regularly or only a few litres a day?

    Yes, you can drink UltraStream water as you would drink regular tap water.

  • What happens if I run hot water through my UltraStream?

    This is not a problem although we wouldn’t recommend it on a regular basis. The UltraStream was not made to put hot water through it. However…

    When hot water runs through the filtration media in a cheaper filter it creates tunnels. When tunnels are created the water can run through without contact with the media which means it doesn’t get filtered anymore.

    We designed the UltraStream to make sure that hot water wasn’t able to tunnel. We use a  specially designed ‘spreader’ that forces the water to spread evenly which means that these tunnels just can’t happen. The negative side of any hot water intrusion is that hot water will ‘liberate’ some chlorine already accumulated so you’ll get high chlorine output while the hot water is passing through.

  • Why has the water slowed or stopped coming out of my UltraStream?

    It is likely you have accidentally turned off the water flow at the blue and white tap on the bottom of the UltraStream.

    To check to see if this is the problem:

    1. Turn your UltraStream on it’s side.
    2. On the bottom you will see a base plate with two holes.
    3. Put your fingers into these holes and pull the base plate off.
    4. Once you have done this you will see a blue and white tap.
    5. You can adjust this tap to any water flow you require:
      – The flow is on full when the tap is inline with the incoming hose.
      – The flow is off when the tap is 90 degrees from the incoming hose.
      You may need to turn it off and on if it doesn’t work straight away.

    OR the input hose feeding water into your UltraStream has become kinked. Follow the above instruction to check if the hose is kinked inside the base.

    OR if the UltraStream is installed under the sink you may have inadvertently pushed the Grey JG Converter in too far.

    In this case, please do the following as soon a possible:

    1. Turn off the cold water connector under the sink.
    2. Use the ‘John Guest’ spanner and take out the Grey ‘John Guest’ Converter on the top of the UltraStream. Check to see if you have the clear plastic tubing on the stem.
    3. Replace it with the spout.
    4. Put water through the UltraStream by turning the cold water connector back on (make sure you have the UltraStream on the sink of have a bucket for the water to flow into)
    5. If the water starts to flow again don’t reinsert the old Grey ‘John Guest’ Converter.
    6. Phone AlkaWay for a new Grey ‘John Guest’ Converter to replace your old one.

    OR if the above doesn’t work then it may have blocked up prematurely due to a municipal pipe flush which creates a lot of sediment in the water, or you may be overdue for a new replacement filter.

  • Why does the UltraStream spurt or splutter when I first use it in the morning?

    This is NOT air, it is the Molecular Hydrogen which is a gas.

    The spurting happens because Molecular Hydrogen has built up in the UltraStream overnight and/or when it hasn’t been used for a while.

    The first water that comes out of the UltraStream is the best as it will have the most of this anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory quality.

    If you want to get the most Molecular Hydrogen from your water drink it fresh, straight from the UltraStream.

    It is like an orange; when an orange comes fresh off the tree and it is cut in half, it has its highest anti-oxidant quality.  Leave the orange just sitting open and the anti-oxidants leave the orange.

    Put the orange in a sealed container in the refrigerator and the anti-oxidants will last much longer.

    Like an orange, if you can’t drink your UltraStream right away, store it in a sealed, preferable glass or steel container, and if possible, in the refrigerator.

  • Will the benchtop UltraStream fit my kitchen tap/faucet?
    How to measure you aerator

    The standard adaptor kit that is included with the UltraStream will fit most kitchen sinks

    The flow diverter and adaptors are designed to fit taps with male and female threads with a diameter of 21 – 23 mm. Four adaptors are included with every new benchtop UltraStream to connect the flow diverter to different sized taps. If your flow diverter is leaking only a small amount, you can try applying plumber’s tape to the thread of the adaptor ring.

    If none of the provided adaptor rings fit your tap, we have the following solutions:

    • We have some specially sized adaptors. To help us find the right adaptor for you, we need to see a photo with an accurate measurement of your tap or aerator (this is the part that screws off from the end of your kitchen tap).
    • You could install the UltraStream under the sink using our Undersink Kit.
    • Jubilee Fitting (see photo) is a rubber fitting which can go over you faucet and secured to the tap with a metal clamp

    • You could change your kitchen tap.
    • You could use the UltraStream in your bathroom or laundry.
  • Do you have a vegan filter that will filter out fluoride?

    Yes, the UltraStream is vegan, the fluoride reduction media in the UltraStream is not bone char.

  • How exactly is Hydrogen generated by the UltraStream?

    The special magnesium O-Dobi beads react with two water moclues to produces magnesium hydroxide and hydrogen gas.

    Mg + 2H2O  →   Mg(OH)2 + H2

    The Hydrogen gas isn’t very water soluble so it’s a good idea to drink the water quick to get the maximum amount of molecular hydrogen.

    Mg = Magnesium Metal
    H2O = Water
    Mg(OH)2 = Magnesium Hydroxide (often called Milk of Magnesia)
    H2 = molecular hydrogen (Hydrogen Gas)
    H = Atomic Hydrogen (Active Hydrogen)

  • How long is the AlkaWay UltraStream warranty?

    The warranty for the UltraStream is 3 years (Conditions Apply) for parts and labor under normal use. Warranty does NOT cover filters as there are too many variables in the source water.

  • How much UltraStream water should I drink?

    This depends on a number of variables. As a general guide for medium weight people is to drink about 1/3 of your body weight in ounces a day. So if you weigh 150 lbs (68 kgs), you should drink roughly 50 fluid oz (1.47 Liters) of water. If you work out, if it’s hot and you’re sweating more, if you fly, if you have a soda/coffee/tea, then you can choose to drink more. All of those things speed up the elimination of water and therefore, we need more.

  • Will my UltraStream be out of date in a year or so?

    Unlike electric water ionizers, the UltraStream’s filter cartridge actually contains the media that ionizes, alkalizes and infuses the water with molecular hydrogen. So when you change a filter, you get the brand new version, which will incorporate any updated technology we have implemented. That’s why we call it an ‘eternal’ system.

  • Are there any precautions before drinking UltraStream water?

    The only consideration is for those taking pharmaceutical medicine or suffering from kidney disease. We recommend you consult with your doctor.

    UltraStream water may be delivered to the cells more efficiently than tap or bottled, so we recommend not taking any medications with it. We suggest you stop drinking 30 minutes prior to taking the medication and then waiting until at least 30 minutes after.
    We have no evidence of adverse results, but give this advice for legal purposes only.

  • What other contaminants does the UltraStream remove?

    Heavy metals including mercury, lead, aluminium and copper, as well as bacteria, pesticides, algae and fungi. For more details, Review or download laboratory test results.

  • Why is molecular Hydrogen (H2) so important?
    • It is a selective antioxidant
    • It targets and neutralizes the harmful, cytotoxic free radicals, such as hydroxyl radicals.
    • Scientific studies have concluded that Hydrogen may help and prevent a range of diseases including cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular, arthritis, gout, and other inflammatory-related degenerative diseases.
  • What are the major reasons why people love the UltraStream Water Filter?
    • It helps people feel better, perform better and enjoy a healthier life.
    • It is easy to install, operate and replace the filter.
    • It is affordable, benchtop costing 75 cents/gallon for the first year and then down to 31 cents/gallon on your 12 month filter change (benchtop version).
  • How well does the UltraStream improve pH?

    Our independent laboratory tests used a water sample that was a ‘witches brew’ of pesticides, volatile organics, fluoride, chlorine, heavy metals, and minerals. The UltraStream changed an input pH of 7 to an output pH 9 in these tests. We’ve pushed the lab much farther than the normal lab tests by asking for performance statistics beyond the normal lifespan of the filter. Most water filter tests are taken from the first water out of the filter. Most do not test for a possible reduction in performance as the filter is continued in service.

    Review or download the UltraStream Test results

    UltraStream’s pH performance is directly related to the input water. Tap water is the only regulated water in the US and is around pH 7.0 for most homes. The UltraStream performs wonderfully in this environment and will consistently produce water ranging from pH 8.0 – 9.0. Most commonly, the water starts at pH 9.0 at installation, and by the time the filter needs to be replaced, it measures closer to pH 8.0. The bottom line: more acidic input water will have a lower pH, more alkaline input water will have a higher pH but both may be adjusted using the flow control at the bottom of the UltraStream.

    There are a couple of other advantages as well. In hard water with excessive levels of alkaline minerals (like an overabundance of calcium), the UltraStream uses a special patented media that alters the form of the calcium and prevents it from clogging the filter. It also re-infuses input water with healthier levels and proportions of alkaline minerals, as well as ionizing the water.
    We’ve used our two decades of water filter experience to ensure this lasts the life of the filter, so you have excellent purity and performance from start to finish.

    Those who utilize well water should also expect great performance. Very often, well water starts a bit above 7.0 and this can also translate to higher pH outputs from the UltraStream as well. A sediment pre-filter will likely be required for well water.

  • Can I use UltraStream if I have a whole house water softener?

    Yes, unlike electric water ionizers, the UltraStream will also work well with a water softener.

    Softened water isn’t something you want to drink or cook with, so the UltraStream is a great solution for consumption when you need to maintain soft water for appliance life and showering.

  • Can I connect the UltraStream to existing Reverse Osmosis?

    Yes, the UltraStream can be connected in series with a reverse osmosis (RO) system. It will add powerful alkalizing and ionizing abilities to your acidic, mineral-depleting RO water.

    You could also remove the RO system completely and replace it with the UltraStream.

  • Can I adjust the pH of the UltraStream water?

    All of the attributes of UltraStream water can be controlled by flow rate. The faster the water flows through, the less hydrogen potent it is. We recommend a flow rate of around 0.26 GPM for the best performance. You can easily adjust the flow of the UltraStream by adjusting a small tap underneath the base of the UltraStream.  You can then just turn on the kitchen tap and the UltraStream regulates the flow.

  • Can the UltraStream remove Fluoride?

    Yes. Through lengthy research and development, the UltraStream uses the world’s best-activated alumina media, removing 78% of Fluoride throughout the life of the filter. Review or download our lab test results.

    Up to 95% of Fluoride can be removed when the UltraStream is installed with an additional Fluoride Pre-filter.

  • How long will the UltraStream filter last?

    An UltraStream filter will last 12 months – depending, as always, on source water conditions and use. Our 12-month recommendation is based on a family of 4, who use about 2.1 gallons per day (8 glasses / 65 fluid oz each) for drinking and cooking.

    If you use less, your filter may last longer. More – and you’ll need to replace sooner.

    Filter life always depends on the quality of the input water. The more unwanted stuff in the water, the harder the UltraStream has to work. For the vast majority of users, 12 months of protection and performance is no problem.

    When the filter is replaced (a simple 3-minute job) your UltraStream returns to full filtration, pH, hydrogen and antioxidant power.

UltraStream - Installation 2 questions
  • I can’t find the right sized adaptor ring to fit my kitchen tap

    The easiest way to find out the size of the thread in your mixer tap or faucet is to remove the aerator (this is the part that screws off at the end of your tap) and measure the diameter (across the centre) of the thread.

    Take a clear photo with an accurate measurement of your aerator diameter as shown in the picture below, then call us on 1800 268 469 or email the photo to and we will find the right adaptor for you.

  • How do I install the UltraStream?

    There are 2 ways to install the UltraStream.
    1. Benchtop – For this connection to work, the faucet has to be “normal”. Normal means the tap doesn’t convert to a shower spray, pull out or have a non-standard head. You’ll utilize a diverter valve to control the water flow. When the slider of the diverter valve is pushed one way, it will flow from the tap as normal. When you push it the other way, the water will be sent to the UltraStream.

    Benchtop Installation Video

    2. Undersink – For those who either have an upgraded faucet or who just don’t want the attention-grabbing UltraStream on the counter, we have an undersink kit option that includes a separate dedicated faucet with all the connecting pieces. Installation doesn’t require a plumber, but if you’d feel more comfortable using one, go ahead. We have sourced the specially designed vented faucet from the best water filter engineer in the US, so there’s no need to worry about lead. Please note that we cannot be responsible for the efficacy of your undersink installation.

    Undersink Installation Video

    IMPORTANT: Do not try to install the UltraStream under the sink without our special vented faucet! Voids any warranty.

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