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Water Ionisers

What is a Water Ionizer?

Simply, a water ionizer (which is also referred to as an alkaline ionizer) is an appliance that raises the pH of drinking water. 

In most cases, it’s a box that attaches to your kitchen tap and your power supply. It uses an electrolysis chamber to pass voltage through the water and separate the minerals in the water into two streams. One ‘alkaline’ and one ‘acid’.

Alkaline Water? Alkalinized Water? Alkalinity? WTF?
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How does a electroic water Ionizer work?

It does so by using a process called electrolysis. Water runs over positive and negative electrodes. When this occurs, the electrical energy in the water divides into two streams – one alkaline and one acidic. 

Most models also have a replaceable filter to remove contaminants prior to the electrolysis chamber.

Why is Naturally Ionised water better?

In nature, when spring water seeps through porous rocks, it become infused with a range of naturally occurring alkaline minerals that affect its pH levels.

This naturally occurring – or living – alkaline water has a higher pH than tap water – typically a pH of 8 or 9 compared to tap water’s neutral pH of 7. This higher pH level means it can help neutralise unwanted acidity in your body, using the minerals our body needs.

But the real value of natural alkaline water for your health and well-being comes from the minerals transfused by the rocks in the spring. In fact, the World Health Organisation has cautioned against drinking alkaline water with a low mineral content – such as those created by artificial means. That’s because consuming artificial alkaline water every day can cause serious side effects.

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Alkaline Water? Alkalinized Water? Alkalinity? WTF?

Is ionized water better for you?

Although the machines vendors still call electrolysis water ‘alkaline water’, this has been shown to be not correct. The machine does not ‘alkalinize’ the water. It adds no alkaline minerals to the water, It merely separates what alkaline minerals are ALREADY in the water from the acid minerals in the water.

High pH is a result of electrolysis, not of mineral content. This form of ‘alkaline water’ is known as ‘unbuffered’ meaning it has little ability to neutralize biological acids, when compared with water with high levels of dissolved alkaline minerals. (AKA natural alkaline water)

The machines used to make water artificially alkaline through ionisation or electrolysis violently split apart the water’s molecules by running tap water over platinum-coated titanium plates to create a higher pH.

Unfortunately, unless a strict and regular cleaning regime is adhered to, toxic traces of those metals may be added to the water from the electrolysis plates.

Today we have newer technologies that are designed solely to add molecular hydrogen to water, without the need for a 50/50 split and wasted water.


AlkaWay and Water Ionisers

AlkaWay is a pioneer in water ionization. 21 years ago founders Ian Blair Hamilton and Cassandra Bond discovered a Korean model and became Australia’s first distributor of the Alphion, Mavello, Venus, Delphi and Kangen 7 models.

AlkaWay also introduced American company AlkaViva to the technology.

The technology has not changed in those 21 years even though the understanding of the water produced has changed dramatically, from ‘alkaline’ water to molecular hydrogen-infused water.

Alkaline Diet Restrospective. Is it just about going vegetarian?
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Are Water Ionizers Worth the money?

At $3000-$6000 for a standard unit, no.

But it’s not about getting cheaper ionizer. It’s about having a technology that is designed to create the water we now know as most health-supporting.. water infused with molecular hydrogen. While water ionizers are capable of producing some H2, they require constant and wasteful maintenance for them to continue. Due to (in most cases) the inadequacy of the filter, detritus that lodges on the electrolysis plates prevents H2 from forming.

Further, electrolysis is a method that causes violent perturbation at the face of the electrolysis plates. This causes the delicate nano bubble of H2 to amalgamate as they crash together. As they lose their nano quality, they become large enough to quickly leave the output water.

Spend some time with us on this website to investigate the alternatives to electric water ionizers. Not only will you save thousands of dollars.. you’ll also have far superior filtration, and true natural alkaline water.

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