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Welcome to AlkaWay New Zealand

Talk to us today and find out about the astonishing effects of alkaline water and revolutionary hydrogen-rich water.

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The Co-founders Ian Blair Hamilton and Cassie Bond are owners of AlkaWay based in Byron Bay, NSW Australia.  The Byron Bay facilities consist of an office, showroom, repair workshop, dispatch, and warehouse.

In 2013 we designed and developed the UltraStream with our USA manufacturers, as we were tired of dealing with poor quality products from other countries. Today we supply the UltraStream around the world. To date, as of January 2018, we have delivered over 10,000+ UltraStreams worldwide.

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We are very excited about the discovery by Biochemist Tyler LeBaron (Molecular Hydrogen Foundation), who tested the UltraStream. He found that in normal use it had the highest production of beneficial Molecular Hydrogen. The UltraStream uses a slow release magnesium to generate and infuse molecular hydrogen into the water. The UltraStream does this without the need for electricity, circuit boards and electrolysis chambers found in most other water ionizers.

Life Health features AlkaWay products…

Next generation naturally purified water filtration systems protecting you and your family.

Feel the astonishing effects of alkaline water and the revolutionary  power of hydrogen-rich water.

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