AlkaWay – New Zealand

AlkaWay welcomes our Australasia neighbours from New Zealand

The Co-founders Ian Blair Hamilton and Cassie Bond are owners of AlkaWay based in Byron Bay, NSW Australia.  The Byron Bay facilities consist of an office, showroom, repair workshop, dispatch, and warehouse.

In 2013 we designed and developed the UltraStream with our USA manufacturers, as we were tired of dealing with poor quality products from other countries. Today we supply the UltraStream around the world. To date, as of January 2018, we have delivered over 9000 UltraStreams worldwide.

We are very excited about the discovery by Biochemist Tyler LeBaron (Molecular Hydrogen Foundation), who tested the UltraStream. He found that in normal use it had the highest production of beneficial Molecular Hydrogen of any water ionizer. The UltraStream does this without the need for electricity, circuit boards and electrolysis chambers found in most other water ionizers.

AlkaWay is seriously committed to spreading the message of alkaline hydrogen water throughout the world. We remain committed to assisting as many people as we can with improving their life with the alkaline way of life.

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Authorized Distributors

Mary Chester the owner of Life Health Ltd, 021 524 080, is the
Authorized Distributor in New Zealand.

For all International, Distributors refer to … Authorized International Distributors List

Good News: Life Health Features AlkaWay Products…

The UltraStream reduces Fluoride AND it takes out Bacteria, Heavy Metals, Chlorine and Chloramines, Sediment and even removes Bad Taste and Odour.  It Alkalises, Ionizes and Softens the water. It adds Magnesium, Calcium and Infuses the water with Molecular Hydrogen.
But wait… there’s more … it’s extremely affordable!

I Love H2 is a magnesium-based tablet dissolvable in water to create hydrogen rich water. Developed in the USA, the I LOVE H2 is an effervescent tablet-in-a-bottle that generates high levels of Molecular Hydrogen.

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