About Us

AlkaWay began operation in 2000 as Ion Life.

After some seven years, we changed our name to AlkaWay because everyone thought we were an insurance company!

We began as we are today, with co-founders Ian Blair Hamilton and Cassie Bond. Today we have our own (owned) premises in Byron Bay Australia, consisting of office, showroom, repair facility, dispatch and warehouse.

In 2010 we began development of the alkaStream, our own non-electric water ionizer , and filter, based and improving upon a Chinese model.
After supplying some 7000 units of the alkaStream we decided to upgrade the basic model and began design development in the USA. Today we supply this model, the UltraStream around the world. To date (January 2018 we have delivered 9000 UltraStreams worldwide – even one to Kazakhstan).

Today we are very excited about the discovery by Biochemist Tyler LeBaron, who tested the UltraStream and found that in normal use it had the highest production of beneficial molecular hydrogen he had tested in any water ionizer. All of this without the use of or need for electricity, circuit boards and electrolysis chambers.

We are seriously committed to spreading the message of alkaline hydrogen water throughout the world.

CEO & Co-Founder
Ian Blair Hamilton

Co-Founder & Health Expert
Cassie Bond

Head Office: AlkaWay. Byron Bay, Australia

We remain as we began; committed to assisting as many people as we can with improving their life with the alkaline way of life – the AlkaWay Team.

How Alkaway Began

In 2000 an old friend came to see us. Victor was a ‘mad professor’ type of guy, always talking about the hidden properties of water, how to run cars on water.. and this time he was very excited. “Ian, I’ve found it!” he said. And there it was, the Jupiter Mavello water ionizer. “I’ve been trying to do this myself for years!” said Victor, “And all this time, the Koreans already had it!”

I’m relatively skeptical of mad professors unless their madness has actually manifested in real inventions, but we both loved Victor. He had retired at age 30 from a highly successful fashion career – not exactly the sort of background to engender confidence in scientific breakthroughs.

Victor set up the water ionizer on the sink, raving about the effect the water had had on him already. I took a drink. It was light and seemed to just slip down – unlike the usual bloating feeling I was used to with tap water. Cassie took a glass, drank it all and looked at me with a huge beaming smile. “We’ve got to have this!” she said.

To cut a long story short, we became the Australian distributors for Jupiter Dong Yang (later EmcoTech) water ionizers. We extended into New Zealand and introduced them to a friend in the US who is now the world’s largest Emco dealer.

From working out of our garage, ten years ago we moved into our first real ‘office’ and around 5 years ago moved into our present premises.

We now have around a dozen staff and dealers around the world. However, our biggest achievement and our constant source of satisfaction are the hundreds and hundreds of stories we still get from people whose lives we have changed for the better.

We’ve sold thousands of electric water ionizers but 4 years ago we took the huge step of designing and having manufactured our own hydrogen generating water ionizer that doesn’t need electricity. We’ve sold over nine thousand since we began with this new, simpler and far less expensive way of regaining health. It’s now in its fourth iteration, patent pending, and we are taking it to the world.

AlkaWay’s manufacturer. QMP USA. Orange County, California.
WQA inspected factory supplying the filtration industry internationally.

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