GrowFlow Magnetic Water Conditioners

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Magnetic Water Conditioners make water “softer”. A very intense magnetic field influences the ionic charge in the water. GrowFlow Water Conditioners are the ultimate solution:

  • Treat calcium and magnesium build-up in the water,
  • Calcium and magnesium no longer clogs pipework,
  • No more calcium build up on baths and showers,
  • Hot water elements last longer and heat more efficiently,
  • Salts lose their ability to bind to the soil particles,
  • Remove scale and streaks on the glass,
  • Water becomes soft and will easily form a lather.

GrowFlow brings you world-class expertise in the latest magnet technology and its application to water treatment.

Zero running and maintenance costs – one-off purchase

Magnetic Water Conditioners have a 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty and 25 Year Magnet Guarantee. (Conditions apply)

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GrowFlow Magnetic Water Conditioners $659.00$2,879.00 inc. GST
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GrowFlow Magnetic Water Conditioners

An environmentally safe and powerful way to treat water

  • No chemicals or waste by-products
  • No electricity required
  • No maintenance or servicing required
  • No water volume limits
  • Never needs replacing – never wears out
  • A range of sizes to suit different pipes
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Discover the Future of Water Treatment

Embrace the eco-friendly, efficient, and innovative way to manage hard water issues. GrowFlow offers a cutting-edge solution that harnesses the power of magnetism to condition your water, ensuring optimal performance and longevity for your home appliances and plumbing.

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Signs You May Have Limescale Build-Up:

  1. Reduced Water Flow: A noticeable drop in your faucet’s water pressure could be due to limescale accumulation in your pipes.
  2. Spots and Streaks: Notice white spots on your glassware, cutlery, or faucets? That’s limescale left behind as water evaporates.
  3. Appliance Malfunctions: Appliances like dishwashers and washing machines may not work as efficiently due to mineral build-up on their heating elements.
  4. Cloudy Hot Water: If your hot water is cloudy, it might be due to limescale deposits in your water heater.
  5. Increased Heating Bills: Limescale in water heaters and boilers reduces their efficiency, leading to increased energy consumption.
  6. Reduced Soap Lathering: Hard water can reduce the lathering ability of soaps and shampoos.
  7. Unexplained Pipe Leaks: Accumulated limescale can cause corrosion in pipes, leading to leaks over time.

Key Features:

  • 🌱 Eco-Friendly: Say goodbye to chemicals and salt. GrowFlow uses a natural, green method to treat hard water without any additives.
  • 🔧 Low Maintenance: Install it and forget it! Our conditioners require no regular maintenance, replenishments, or electricity.
  • 💰 Cost-Effective: Save money on expensive water softening systems and maintenance costs.
  • 🔍 Scientifically-Designed: Backed by research, GrowFlow uses the optimal magnetic strength to ensure maximum water conditioning.
  • 🏠 Universal Fit: Designed to seamlessly integrate into any home’s plumbing system.
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How Does GrowFlow Work?

Water flowing through the GrowFlow system passes through a strong magnetic field. This alters the behavior of hard-water ions like calcium and magnesium, preventing them from forming stubborn scale. Instead, these ions flow freely, reducing deposits and ensuring clearer, better-quality water.

Benefits of Using GrowFlow:

  • Extended Appliance Life: Protect appliances like dishwashers, water heaters, and washing machines from limescale buildup.
  • Cleaner Surfaces: Less spotting on glassware, faucets, and tiles.
  • Efficient Heating: Water heaters work more efficiently without scale insulating the heating element.
  • Healthy Living: Enjoy naturally treated water without the addition of sodium or chemicals.
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Magnetic Water Conditioners – How do they work?

Magnetic Water Conditioners focus a very intense magnetic field through the pipe wall into the water. The strong magnetic field influences the ionic charges of the mineral ions (salts) in the water, which makes them behave differently. This makes the water “softer”. Calcium and magnesium no longer set like cement and salts lose their ability to bind to the soil particles.

GrowFlow Water Conditioners are the best solution to your hard water problems for both natural and town water sources.

Advantages and Uses

GrowFlow Magnetic Water Conditioners are extremely economical and environmentally friendly. No need for chemicals or electricity! No waste byproducts. No maintenance is required. No water volume limits and it NEVER needs replacing.

GrowFlow conditioners are available in a variety of sizes and strengths to suit any situation where scale and iron build-up and/or blockages in water pipes is a problem. They can be used effectively for industrial, agricultural or domestic applications.

Download GrowFlow Guarantee and installation instruction.pdf


GrowFlow Frequently Asked Questions

The Grow Flow magnetic devices are manufactured in China.

Ideally, you would have the bore water tested before drinking it, Our water conditioners work best up to a TDS of 5000ppm or 7500 µS conductivity. Above these, the magnetic effect starts to decline. The Grow Flow conditioners will work to up to a TDS of 5000ppm or 7500 µS conductivity. above this the magnetic effect starts to decline, so with bore water, it is good to have an independent test that will indicate the TDS and conductivity of the water.

Using bore water you would need to pump to a holding tank and most likely a pump after the tank, so the Grow flow magnetic device would go onto the water pipe coming into the house, which would most likely be the GF25, depending on the diameter of the tap.

Magnet size and shape are designed to have the strongest part of the magnetic field in the centre of the pipe size, the usual size of household mains water pipes is 20 – 25mm, this would either be the GF20, or GF25 which will be strong enough for the household.

The Grow flow is simply bolted onto the main water supply pipes at the most suitable point between the water metre and the house; see the installation instructions. Here’s the pdf of the guarantee and installation manual.

The permanent magnets used in all GrowFlow units have been quality tested to not lose more than 3% of their field strength over many years.

The Grow Flow magnets can be installed either above ground or underground ( recommended to be covered in a plastic bag to protect it ) How ever it should not be exposed to prolonged temperatures higher than 90 degrees Celsius.

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  1. Using very hard (high calcium) bore and town water with Class 3 salinity: “We have really terrible bore water in Cloncurry. And the town water is even worse than our bore sometimes. The plants don’t like it and it leaves a white scale on everything you wash with it. The gardens look a treat now, and we can even wash the cars with it. No one washes their cars in Cloncurry! But we can because our water’s clean now. Great stuff.”

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  2. High calcium bore water with some iron as well: “We have problems with calcium and iron in our bore water here at home. We got a magnetic conditioner for the house and were shown how to get rid of the iron too. Now we get no more staining and no more white spots and streaks in the house.”

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  3. High Class 4 salinity bore water: “It’s made a big difference to us. They said the water was too salty for growing raspberries, but they’re doing fine with the magnetic water conditioner. And it’s better in the house as well.”

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  4. Using extremely salty Class 5 salinity water with extremely high calcium levels for lawns and gardens: “We are extremely happy with the unit, as you told me our water was the hardest water you had ever seen and you did not guarantee usage on my vegetable garden. I am very happy to say the vegetables are doing fine, as well as my Kikuyu lawn.

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Q & A

What grade is the 50mm magnet please Ross Brady asked on 07/11/2023

Its a Neodymium magnet with over 5000 gauss

Neil Bond answered on 08/11/2023 store manager
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