UltraStream Twin Undersink – Hydrogen Rich Alkaline Water Filter

$729.00 inc. GST

The UltraStream twin water filter system is a water filtration system that is easily installed on a 3-way faucet, fridge water dispenser, or standard water filter faucet.

  • Removes Fluoride, Chlorine, Chloramines, Heavy Metals, Pathogens and much more.
  • Adds beneficial alkaline minerals to the water
  • Infuses water with Molecular Hydrogen (H2).
  • Designed in Australia and tested for our water conditions.
  • Manufactured in the USA.
  • Easy to install and replace filters.
  • 3-Year Warranty* conditions apply.
  • Requires a 3-way faucet or filter tap (sold separately).

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UltraStream Twin Undersink - Hydrogen Rich Alkaline Water Filter $729.00 inc. GST
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UltraStream Twin Undersink Water Filter

Clean and pure Alkaline Hydrogen Water

  • Hydrogen water in every glass
  • Natural alkaline mineralised water
  • Removes Chlorine, Fluoride, residual chemicals and much more
  • Safe and great tasting water that your family will love and so simple to use
ultrastream 3 way mixer tap 03

Australian Design, Made in USA,

Filters 99.99% contaminants

Cost effective Replacement filters

Long life 3000 litres (12 months)

Far more than just another water filter

The UltraStream, unlike most other water filters, is tested for the filter life to remove a HUGE range of modern contaminants in your water (12 months or 3000 litres).

Incorporating the latest advances in water filter technology, UltraStream gives you great-tasting, safe, alkaline, ionized, hydrogen-rich water on tap in your home.

The Twin Undersink uses the same filter media as in the UltraStream is used over two 10′ filters, resulting in the same filtration. This system does not require the same vented faucet supplied with the normal UltraStream. When combined with a non-vented faucet, it can also be attached to a refrigerator.

water filter diagram

Superior Water Filtration

The UltraStream laboratory tests have proven to remove a wide range of modern contaminants from our drinking water.

The UltraSteam water filter reduces or removes:

  • Common contaminants like chlorine and chloramines, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Fluoride.
  • Heavy Metals such as Lead, Aluminium, Iron, Zinc, Copper, etc.
  • Arsenic, pesticides, phosphorous, and halides, and more.

What is a three-way mixer tap

A 3-way mixer tap is a kitchen fixture that provides three water options – hot, cold, and filtered – from a single tap. These taps have two outlets: one for hot and cold water, and the other for filtered water. 

The filtered water outlet is commonly used for drinking and cooking, and can be connected to an under-sink filtration system for optimal taste and quality. 

With a 3-way mixer tap, you can simplify your kitchen and have easy access to all your water needs from a single, modern fixture.


ultrastream 3 way mixer tap 02
ultrastream 3 way mixer tap 01
ultrastream fridge

Fridge Filter

The UltraStream Twin Undersink – the ultimate solution for getting cold alkaline water straight from your fridge! With its included fitting, connecting to a standard fridge water inlet has never been easier.

Imagine the convenience of having fresh, cold alkaline water on tap – perfect for staying hydrated and refreshed throughout the day. And with the UltraStream Twin Undersink, you can enjoy all the benefits of alkaline water without ever having to leave your home.

*requires a filter tap or 3-way tap

Natural Water Alkaliser

The UltraStream, naturally infuses water with beneficial alkaline minerals. By adding these alkaline minerals (magnesium and calcium), it increases the pH making it more Alkaline. UltraStream consistently increases your water pH 2 to 3 points (pH of 8 – 9.5).

Drinking alkaline water is a simple way that you may reduce the negative effects of our high-acid producing food and drink.

natural water
hydrogen water molecule

Hydrogen Water

Hydrogen water is simply pure water with extra Hydrogen molecules added to it.

  • Water infused Molecular Hydrogen (H2).
  • The benefits of H2 have been tested in Over 300+ published studies and 1000+ scientific articles.

Water Ionizer

  • UltraStream produces better alkaline, ionized, filtered water than electric water ionizers worth 4 times the price.
  • It is a far simpler and more affordable way to alkalize, ionize, and purify drinking water.
  • Gives consistent negative ORP over the life of the filter down to -500mV. ORP is an important method for testing water quality and a measure of its cleanliness and its ability to break down contaminants.
  • Supplies negative ions in every glass of water ‘on tap’.
save money

Save money and helps the environment

  • Saves you big money. Cost is 23c/litre for the first year,  and only 9c/litre after that (replacement filters).
  • Saves thousands of single-use bottles (x2000, 1.5 litres) from going into the environment.
  • Saves freight and fuel costs to transport that amount of bottles around the Australia.

Other Models

UltraStream Undersink Alkaline Water Filter

UltraStream Undersink

An undersink kit allows for easy undersink installation of the UltraStream. A modern looking specially designed vented faucet is included in the kit. The faucet delivers clean, refreshing drinking water above the sink while the UltraStream does all the work under the sink. You won’t go back to normal tap water.

Also available in benchtop version

The UltraStream benchtop filter connects to your kitchen tap using a flow diverter allowing you to easily choose tap or filter water with a press on a button.

It’s a great option for renters that can’t install a dedicated tap.

UltraStream Benchtop

Details & Manual


270mm Wide x 330mm High x 130mm Depth


UltraStream Twin Undersink Manual

Twin UltraStream Filter Layers

The layers of the UltraStream media are separated into two 10″ cartridges.

The 1st filter includes:

  • Granular Activated Carbon (Chlorine, chloramines, lead, pesticides, fluoride, cysts, microplastics, heavy metals, nitrates)
  • Catalytic Carbon (chlorine, chloramines, carcinogens, THM’s hydrogen sulphide, and other contaminants)
  • KDF-85 (heavy metals reduces hard water and controls bacteria, fungi, algae, iron and scale, removes lead, mercury, nickel, chromium, copper, iron (pipes)Fluoride Absorption Media (fluoride, arsenic)
  • Zeolite Ceramic Beads, natural volcanic material (heavy metals, ammonia smell)
The 2nd filter includes:
  • Some more Granular Activated Carbon and Catalytic Carbon (as above)
  • Quartz Crystals (has electrical property, softens and energizes the water and stabilizes alkalinity)
  • Hydrogen Ceramic Balls (Ionizing hydrogen gas producing media and for creating a negative Oxidation Reduction Potential, add magnesium, calcium and trace minerals)
  • Far Infrared Ceramic Beads (Slowly release essential trace minerals, enhances solubility of solid particles)
  • Tourmaline Ceramic Beads (Releases negative ions, decreases surface tension of water, has electrical property)

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Q & A

Since this is a different model than the other products, Will current (and new) owners be notified if/when it’s no longer supported? Mel asked on 07/01/2024

We have no intention of ending support for the UltraStream filter. The Twin Undersink is an idea we came up with for people with 3-way mixer taps, which are becoming a lot more popular.

Neil Bond answered on 01/02/2024 store manager
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How much fluoride does this remove? Geraldine asked on 10/10/2023

The UltraStream removes %80-%95 of fluoride. Factors like the levels of floride in your area, the pH of you source water or flow rates will affect the removal. If you are senstive to floride we recommend a floride pre-filter to remove up to 99% of fluoride.

Neil Bond answered on 11/10/2023 store manager
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