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AlkaWay Green Initiatives

Birdlife Australia

We LOVE our Australian birds. Birdlife Australia is the only volunteer organisation in the country with the single purpose of protecting our precious birds.

We give one percent of all of our sales to Birdlife Australia every month. 

Everything we donate is used to create new habitats, protect old habitats, work to save endangered species, and raise awareness of our unique birdlife.

In 2021, we (with your help) donate over $20,000 to Birdlife Australia.

Beating the microplastics problem in our clothes.

Plastic waste

Plastic waste is an ongoing fight. Now we know that even the air we breathe is laden with plastic microparticles. It means to us that we, as manufacturers of plastic water filters, should do our very best to minimize;
a) plastic volume produced and
b) plastic wasted as a result of our products’ use.

It’s not easy and we are always looking for better ways. We are aware we have a way to go, but are comforted by the fact that every UltraStream could save as much as 3.753 cubic meters of plastic landfill every year.

UltraStream plastic waste numbers.

  1. Plastic per UltraStream filter is = 470g ± 5g.
  2. Plastic per 1.5L plastic water bottle is = 43g ± 3g

The plastic in each filter is equivalent to x11 bottles by weight.

The Volume (space) the filters takes up (displaced volume)…

  1. UltraStream filter is about 2.55L (for 3000 litres).
  2. A 1.5L plastic water bottle is about 1.88L (by volume).
  3. Extrapolating the 1.5L plastic bottle to 3000L…
    3000/1.5=2000 bottles, 2000×1.88 =3,753L (3.753 cubic meters).
That takes a lot of fuel to transport all water around.

Water conservation

Water filtration is all about water conservation. Anyone who uses our filtration products is helping the planet by choosing against bottled water, with its heavy environmental footprint.

We also care deeply about water filtration itself. We’ve chosen systems that, unlike reverse osmosis or electric water ionizers, waste little or NO water. Systems like RO units and Electric Ionizers can easily waste half of the water that passes through them.

alkaway alkaline water
AlkaWayOffice 1

Alternative energy: Clean and Green

Our head office here in Byron Bay, Australia, is equipped with solar, generating all the power we use, and donating power back to the state’s grid. Last year we produced 115% of our electricity needs.

We are working on becoming carbon neutral.

Paperless office

When computers entered our lives, they did so on the promise of a paperless office. It never happened. In fact many experts believe computers actually magnified our paper use. 

We don’t claim to have overcome this reality but in line with our Clean and Green beliefs, we’ve managed to create a fully integrated (including remote) computer, phone and dispatch system that minimizes paper use.

save paper
remote working​

Remote working

We’ve been able to integrate our ordering, inter-office communications, stock and despatch systems into a remote management system, allowing our key people to comply with CV restrictions and work from home. That also means happy and productive team members and less carbon emissions with less K’s clocked up by them. 

Eco-friendly hosting

Few people think about the impact that billions of computers have on the planet in terms of energy consumption. Google alone consumes more power than:  Sri Lanka.

We pay more for the best hosting service that is also carbon neutral; giving back what it takes.

save money
carbon footprint

Carbon footprint

We are currently undergoing a carbon footprint audit with the aim of becoming certified carbon neutral. The major hurdle for us to becoming carbon neutral is the effect of couriers who deliver your goods. We use Australia Post as much as possible because they are the most committed to being 100% carbon neutral.

We use compostable shipping bags, reusable and recyclable packing materials. 

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