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AlkaBalance Electrolytes

AlkaBalance Electrolytes, formerly known as AlkaWay Alkaline Booster, are now back in stock.

AlkaWay Australia - The Alkaline Water Filter Specialist

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Established in 2000​

AlkaWay is now 23+ years in business. Our products are rigidly tested and customer-proven. Continuous improvement programs and quality you can trust!

Customer service

We go the extra mile in making sure a customer is happy and satisfied. Our aim is for 100% customers satisfaction. 

Customer Reviews

The satisfaction of our customers is our #1 priority which is reflected in our amazing reviews.

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What Our Clients Say
4.88 store rating (2418 reviews) | 4.79 product rating

About AlkaWay

Ian Hamilton founder AlkaWay

Ian Blair Hamilton (Founder)

Our family-owned and run business is focused on customer service and delivering a range of high-quality products for the benefit of our customers. Before any products are sold, they are rigorously tested in-house and by a select group of customers.

We have been in business for 23+ years and have established our place in the market as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of alkaline water filters and suppliers of hydrogen water and hydrogen products, including alkaline and water filters.

Water infused with hydrogen and naturally alkalised water is the backbone of our alkaline living philosophy. We designed our water and supplement products to give you every chance to live the type of vital life we all aspire to.

We have relished helping 12,000+ customers worldwide reclaim their health by providing the most effective forms of nutrition, hydration, and detoxification customised to their particular circumstances and needs.

So, what is our secret? We care…

The AlkaWay Team

We are committed to providing you with what we believe are the very best products for the best value.

We are very proud of our line of alkaline, alkaline water, and hydrogen products.

We are and will always remain research-based. Every product with the AlkaWay name has a long history of our research and testing behind it. We aim to present only the known benefits and to filter out extravagant claims (which are, unfortunatelycommon in the marketplace).

Our promise is to communicate clearly and honestly for the benefit of You.

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store rating4.88 / 5
product rating4.79 / 5
2418 reviews