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Popular AlkaWay Products​

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The UltraStream – Benchtop

Australian Design, Californian made. After over 6000 units in use, UltraStream is acknowledged as the world’s most advanced water filter design. It purifies, alkalizes, ionizes and infuses the water with molecular hydrogen. And.. it’s affordable!

The UltraStream – Undersink

UltraStream combines with its own purpose-designed undersink faucet, saving bench space and keeping your new kitchen looking tops.

The ceramic faucet is made in the same Californian factory as the UltraStream.

Full instructions included for simple home installation.

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Green Drink Powder

The culmination of almost two decades of study of the alkaline diet, research and outreach, evolved using the feedback from our tens of thousands of customers worldwide.

Hydrogen and Oxygen Inhaler

Our AlkaWay hydrogen inhaler is stylish, quiet, and simply brilliant, delivering up to 310 ml/min of 99.9% pure hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2) on-demand. Revolutionary…

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AlkaWay Hydrogen Pod

Hydrogen Pod

Hydrogen Water Anytime, Anywhere

Ultra high molecular hydrogen production: way better than anything else we’ve tested over the last three years of testing


Hydrogen Tablets

Infused molecular hydrogen in tablet form. Take H₂ anywhere! Fill a glass with filtered water, add a tablet, and wait until the tablet dissolves for high concentration infused hydrogen water.

Shower Filters

The Sprite Shower filters take showering to a whole new level. It reduces chlorine, sediment, bad odours and other contaminants from your shower water.  Shower in Chlorine Free water, suitable for the Whole Family.

Sprite Filtering Shower Head

Sprite Shower Head with Filter
(with 7 spray setting)

Chlorine Reducing Shower Filter

Sprite Shower Filter

Sprite in-line Shower filter

Sprite Shower Hose Filter

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Kinetic Water Energizers

Kinetic Water Energizers are engineered to mimic how nature purifies and energizes water. Water flowing over patented forms within the unit creates a toroidal vortex. The dynamic toroidal vortex draws in natural energies.

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Alkaline Mineral Water Filter Jug

No ordinary filter jug, BIOCERA Antioxidant alkaline water Filter Jug turns your tap water into mineral rich health promoting water. It is an way to turn your water alkaline in pH. The antioxidant alkaline water filter uses a new generation of special natural ceramics that affects the water as it flows through the jug.

alkaway whole house filter

Whole of House Filtration

At AlkaWay we use our range of specialty filtration systems to custom design the ultimate home answer for filtration suited to all purposes; shower, laundry, cooking, drinking, garden…

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