Ceramic Filter Replacement Cartridge
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Ceramic Filter Replacement Cartridge

$99.00 inc. GST

CeraMetix® OBE Ceramic filter replacement cartridge is the most advanced ceramic filter available for pressurized systems (not suitable for gravity-type filtration systems).  Utilizing our ceramic shell and combining it with our AquaMetix® Block core provides the highest chemical reductions possible from a single-stage filter element. Filter Ø2.5″ x 10″ long, fits 10″ housing.

All of the features of a ceramic replacement filter cartridge plus the following:

– 99% Chloramine reduction (reduces the combinations of chloramine, monochloramine, and ammonia – 3ppm)
– 99% Chlorine reduction
– 99% Lead reduction
– 99% Herbicides and Pesticides reduction
– 99% Glyphosate reduction
– 98% Pharmaceutical compounds
– 98% VOC’s reduction
– 98% Heavy Metals reduction
– 85% Fluoride reduction – All types – Fluorosilicic acid/hydrofluorosilicate, sodium fluorosilicate, and sodium fluoride.
– Cleanable for prolonged life

CeraMetix® OBE Ceramic replacement filter meets or exceeds NSF Standards 42 and 53 and has been independently tested for the above.

Ideal for rainwater tank pressurized systems (when used with 1mu sediment pre-filter). Learn More – Used with a 10″ pre-filter housing

The Ceramic filter can be cleaned over the 12 months if the flow rate slows down, but it is recommended to replace the cartridge every 6 – 12 Months to refresh the internal carbon core.

Made in the USA

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Aquametix® Cerametix® Ceramic filter replacement Cartridge – Open both ends (OBE)

The CeraMetix® OBE Ceramic replacement filter cartridge combines our class-leading, ceramic, micro-porous outer shell with our AquaMetix® core block technology. The ceramic shell and our AquaMetix® block core combines mechanical filtration and physical absorption processes to reduce a wide variety of contaminants in your drinking water, both taste, and health concern.


Ceramic filter

For a better tasting, contaminant-free water

The dense pore structure and vast surface area of the compressed carbon and speciality adsorbents is designed to improve taste and odour as well as to reduce chlorine, chloramine, volatile organic compounds, MTBE, lead, mercury, asbestos, arsenic and fluoride.

Consistent high-performance filtration

CeraMetix® OBE ceramic filter replacement cartridge is made from the highest quality coconut shell based activated carbon and other superior adsorbent materials. Utilizing a unique compression moulding manufacturing process, the base materials are melded into a solid block having a very uniform pore structure that ensures filtration consistency and high performance.

Cleanable ceramic shell

The cleanable ceramic shell is designed to remove suspended solids, pathogenic bacteria, and cysts. The CeraMetix® ceramic filter replacement cartridge elements have been tested in accordance with ANSI/NSF protocols for cyst, turbidity, particulates, lead, heavy metals, pharmaceutical compounds, chloramines, and chlorine reduction (Class 1).

History of ceramic filters

Ceramic filters have a history as a means of filtering water dating back to the early 1800’s when reliable drinking water sources were not available in most countries. That history and development from the early filters has allowed progression to today’s ceramics.

Advanced filtration of waterbourne contaminants

Our advances in the ceramic filtration manufacturing process result in a more effective and efficient means of treating a wide range of waterborne contaminants. Our modern manufacturing practices give our ceramic elements a more controlled and consistent pore structure. The inclusion of silver gives the filter bacteriostatic properties which prevents mitosis (grow through) and are self-sterilizing. Using ceramic filters as a means of treating and filtering water is not new, the benefits, however, remain for many reasons.

Benefits of the ceramic filter:

  • A tried and true method of removing pathogenic bacteria and harmful cysts from treated and untreated waters alike.
  • Cleanable, so instead of throwing away another filter when it clogs, you simply clean the ceramic to restore the flow rate, and save money.
  • The tight porosity of the ceramic slows the water flow through the filter allowing for sufficient contact time with the core material allowing for better contaminant reduction.
  • The ceramic shell protects the core media from premature failure due to bio-fouling (accumulation of microorganisms, algae, etc, on the surface).
  • Retains healthy minerals; takes out the bad and leaves in the good.
  • Ceramic filters can operate under low pressure making it a diverse filtration medium.

For more information on the ceramic filter replacement cartridge refer the manufactures website: www.aquacera.com/ceramic-filters or www.aquacera.com/carbon-technology

What the filter removes and for how many litres:

CeraMetix® OBE Ceramic filter replacement cartridge – Contaminant Removals from manufacturer’s specification sheet

Bacteria >99%
Giardia and Cryptosporidium >99%
Particulate/Sediment >99% – Absolute Rated to 0.5 micron
Chloramines >99% for 1400 gallons (5300 Litres)
Chlorine >99% for 1400 gallons (5300 Litres)
Fluoride reduction (Modified Standard 53 – 1 ppm challenge) 93% for 450 gallons (1700 Litres)
Lead >99% for 1400 gallons (5300 Litres)
Volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) 94% for 450 gallons Pace (1700 Litres)
Pharmaceutical Compounds 96.1% for 600 gallons (2270 Litres)
Mercury >98% for 1600 gallons (6050 Litres)
Methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) 92.2% for 360 gallons (1360 Litres)

CeraMetix® OBE Ceramic filter replacement cartridge – Testing Standards of Contaminant Removals

Pathogenic bacteria—Cholera, Typhoid, Salmonella, E. Coli, Fecal Coliform—>99.9999% (ALcontrol Laboratories)
Cysts—Cryptosporidium Parvum, Giardia Lamblia—100% (ALcontrol Laboratories)
Sediment—100% absolute to 0.5 microns (IBR Laboratories)
Chloramines— >99% ANSI/NSF Standard 42 (Pace Analytical)
Chlorine— >99% ANSI/NSF Standard 42 (Pace Analytical)
Fluoride— >92% All types—Fluorosilicic acid/hydrofluorosilicate, sodium fluorosilicate, and sodium fluoride (Envirotek)
Lead— >99% ANSI/NSF Standard 53 (Envirotek)
VOC’s— >98% ANSI/NSF Standard 53 (Envirotek)
Metals—Aluminum, Iron, Mercury, Nickel & Zinc—>98% ANSI/NSF Standard 53 (Envirotek)
Glyphosate—>99.9% (Envirotek)
Pharmaceutical Compounds— >95% ANSI/NSF Standard 401 (Envirotek) Acetaminophen, Progesterone, Ibuprofen, Naproxen Sodium



Ideal for rainwater tank pressurized systems (when used with 1mu sediment pre-filter). Also town water systems in older developed suburban areas and states with high mineral content in the water sources.


Ceramic Filter






Installation and Conditioning

When installing a filter element for the first time or replacing a used element with a new one, it is important to condition the filter with the incoming water using the following procedure:

Pressurized Filter Instructions

1. Place the sealing washer (O-ring) over the threaded mount
2. Fit the candle into the housing ensuring that a seal is made. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. Then reassemble the filter housing.
3. Open the valve or faucet to allow water to flow through the filter to waste for 10 minutes.
4. Allow the filter to stand unused overnight.
5. Open the faucet again for 2 minutes and allow the water to run to waste.

The filter is now ready for use.

Gravity Filter Instructions
1. Place the sealing washer over the threaded mount
2. Install the filter candles into the hole(s) in the housing and secure with the wing-nut. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN
3. Ensure the tap is in the OFF position. Fill the upper chamber with water and allow the water to filter into the lower chamber. This initial fill will take time as the filter needs to fully saturate with water. Flow will improve after the initial flushing.
4. After all the water has run through, open the tap and empty the lower chamber. Discard the first supply of water. Allow the filter to stand unused overnight.
5. Refill the upper chamber, once the water has been filtered, discard the water in the lower chamber.

The filter is now ready for use. If multiple filter elements are being used in the same housing, they can all be conditioned at the same time.

The flow rate on these elements will gradually reduce due to build-up on the outer surface of the element, this is normal. When this occurs, the flow can be restored by removing the candle and scrubbing the surface with either a brush or Scotch-Brite™ type pad under cool running water, or in a bowl ensuring that the threaded end does not get contaminated. Never use soap or any detergent when cleaning the filter element. The filter does not require to be conditioned after cleaning, only when it is first installed.
Important Note: Our filter elements contain carbon, and black particles may be seen in the water that runs to waste. This is normal and will clear.

These elements contain silver and do not require sterilization.

Our filter elements contain water treatment media to remove certain contaminants and dissolved chemicals; they will not reduce dissolved minerals from water. A TDS meter should not be used when testing water after a ceramic filter element as the results will not be accurate and more than often will result in a higher reading than before the ceramic element. This is due to the materials that the element is made from, which are mineral-based.

If the filter elements are left unused for extended periods of time, allow the filter to run for 5 minutes before resuming use. In gravity applications, simply discard the first supply of water that has been filtered.


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  1. John C

    I’ve been using an older Daulton Sterasyl 10” Ceramic filter and replaced it with one of these (CeraMetix Ceramic filters). After soaking it overnight as per the instructions, it works great and the flow rate is much better than my old one, plus the water tastes great.

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