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    Joshua C. (verified owner)

  2. c7f13f7a8afeed94bb4758cd1bc64582?s=60&r=g

    Joshua C.

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    Melissa (verified owner)

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    Fast delivery

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    I have been using the Q-Mist for several months now, mostly twice a day, it hasn’t made much of a difference in the hydration of my skin and I can’t see any improvements with my fine lines and wrinkles. However it does feel lovely when going on your skin but must admit I did expect better results. I will continue to use it for the twelve months and hopefully I will see some improvement and be able to give it more stars. Everyone’s skin is different so I still would recommend that you try it.

    Q-Mist - The Hydrogen Water DiffuserQ-Mist – The Hydrogen Water Diffuser

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    Great products, great service!

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    Leonie (verified owner)

    Gives me an easy, quick, healthy, mineral and alkaline start to my day, as my digestive processes are set up for perfection. A healthy gut gives you a healthy whole body.

    AlkaWay Greens Drinks PowderAlkaWay Greens Drinks Powder

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    Sandra A.

    Website easy to navigate.

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    Sandra A. (verified owner)

    Love the bottle. I should have ordered the smaller bottle to fit in the cup holders in the car. Otherwise completely satisfied.

    AlkaWay OKO Water Filter BottleAlkaWay OKO Water Filter Bottle

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    AVALON (verified owner)

  11. 172bbffd4c9bc664b7439f0ac4bf486f?s=60&r=g


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    Vadim (verified owner)

    Loving it so far, from the first sip I felt energy flows. Now I’m more used to an effect, but still I feel how this water feels lighter and charged. Nice.
    Price is a bit of a setback, but I know at least this one works.

    AlkaWay Hydrogen PodAlkaWay Hydrogen Pod

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    Great, all questions were answered

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    Sandy T.

    Easy to use website

  15. 2c59e0d2cf322f1f0acfd3fdc7d90380?s=60&r=g

    Sandy T. (verified owner)

    Happy with the jug and replacement filters

    Biocera Alkaline Water Jug Replacement FiltersBiocera Alkaline Water Jug Replacement Filters

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    Ian (verified owner)

  17. a73c0900a067ab46f5a95a5ddaae7731?s=60&r=g


    easy to use website, accurate timely delivery and follow up

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    Simone Matthews

    Ordered my filter Friday night had it Tuesday morning

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    Simone Matthews (verified owner)

    Extremely happy with my purchase. Would recommend this to everyone

    UltraStream Undersink - Hydrogen Rich Alkaline Water FilterUltraStream Undersink – Hydrogen Rich Alkaline Water Filter

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    monsie pickles (verified owner)

  21. a1ccf965ab75c4bda52de628d9119611?s=60&r=g

    monsie pickles

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    Libby Dodd

    Aways quick and efficient. Thank you.

  23. 51d78db0ad24e115f9abdb33bf2d4173?s=60&r=g

    Libby Dodd (verified owner)

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    Andy A.

  25. 67c1eba20e6caba38abcabf95826805c?s=60&r=g

    Andy A. (verified owner)

    After three years on AlkaWay, I don’t ever want to go without it.

    UltraStream Replacement CartridgeUltraStream Replacement Cartridge

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