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    Jodie (verified owner)

    Always can tell the difference when we put a new cartridge in 🙂

    UltraStream Replacement CartridgeUltraStream Replacement Cartridge

  2. e0853d6afd7acb673b1af4e237a240ea?s=60&r=g


    Great service and fast delivery

  3. df3ddc8f64aedb58a7312e5bdb3d29c6?s=60&r=g

    Erin (verified owner)

    Taste takes a bit to get used to. But product really gives you a lift. Love it.

    I Love O2 - Liquid OxygenI Love O2 – Liquid Oxygen

  4. df3ddc8f64aedb58a7312e5bdb3d29c6?s=60&r=g


    Quick service and delivery. Product as described.

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  6. 084ad55fd204b88eb2eb80790bd32605?s=60&r=g

    Melissa (verified owner)

  7. 98d1d66f9d9268ac6ef6570bbcbf36db?s=60&r=g

    Paul Holcroft (verified owner)

    I Love H2 an awesome product. Looking forward to the enhanced version A+++++

    I Love H2 Molecular Hydrogen Generating Sports SupplementI Love H2 Molecular Hydrogen Generating Sports Supplement

  8. 98d1d66f9d9268ac6ef6570bbcbf36db?s=60&r=g

    Paul Holcroft

    Friendly staff & Swift Delivery

  9. 35e1afe87c4e75b1bcf8cae40d8dccd8?s=60&r=g

    Sean Morningstar

  10. 35e1afe87c4e75b1bcf8cae40d8dccd8?s=60&r=g

    Sean Morningstar

  11. 35e1afe87c4e75b1bcf8cae40d8dccd8?s=60&r=g

    Sean Morningstar

    Customer service was immaculate… delivery was appalling. I will NEVER buy from anyone using Fastway couriers again

  12. ca53a6ff04762469882c9d4e6c5b97bc?s=60&r=g

    Marion (verified owner)

  13. ca53a6ff04762469882c9d4e6c5b97bc?s=60&r=g


    Great service and fast delivery

  14. 2dc6056d757da05ddd41b441aa23b998?s=60&r=g

    Peter Hazelwood (verified owner)

    The use by date was Aug 2020 and it’s to short a use by date before they run out of useable time . Not a good supply date

    I Love H2 Molecular Hydrogen Generating Sports SupplementI Love H2 Molecular Hydrogen Generating Sports Supplement

  15. 2dc6056d757da05ddd41b441aa23b998?s=60&r=g

    Peter Hazelwood

  16. 72061cd140ebdf5aca59278e7c9b5015?s=60&r=g


  17. 72061cd140ebdf5aca59278e7c9b5015?s=60&r=g

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  18. 7ac83e3c49e804666ab7216390ba1c97?s=60&r=g

    Donna Davis

    Fantastic customer service

  19. 7ac83e3c49e804666ab7216390ba1c97?s=60&r=g

    Donna Davis (verified owner)

  20. c8e42157669e52f2341f6fafcca576e4?s=60&r=g


    Being new to H2 I was positively surprised at how immediately well I felt. It is a supplement I intend to continue.

  21. ceef314c99fd31f978249aeef1fc9e8a?s=60&r=g

    Ashley Sheppard

  22. ceef314c99fd31f978249aeef1fc9e8a?s=60&r=g

    Ashley Sheppard (verified owner)

  23. a62afa41534785e41ca275d5e1a202aa?s=60&r=g

    oiva soppela

  24. a62afa41534785e41ca275d5e1a202aa?s=60&r=g

    oiva soppela (verified owner)

  25. e1f161896e2d7b6d7c8dd2ff2b043ef2?s=60&r=g


    Clear and easy to navigate

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