Q-Mist – The Hydrogen Water Diffuser

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The Q-Mist hydrogen-rich water diffuser takes skincare to a new level. Infused in pure water with billions of nanodroplets of molecular hydrogen, your skin can now be revitalized like never before.

No oils, no chemicals, no long names you have to believe must be safe… just the smallest molecule in the universe: the building block of life itself. Molecular Hydrogen, delivered using Ultrasonic mist technology that vibrates over a sequence of 120,000 times per second, creating the finest nanoparticle for best skin absorption.

With many medical studies available for the benefits of using hydrogen therapy for skin, drinking, and gas intake we’re proud to present to you the Q-Mist.

Achieve maximum moisture, reduce oxidative damages on the skin, and slow the aging process.

Our skin is constantly exposed to reactive oxygen species (so-called ROS) from environmental pollution, UV radiation, and more. This is why our skin gets old very fast with wrinkles, dryness, and even skin diseases. The Q-Mist Hydrogen Water Diffuser is designed to help you achieve maximum moisture, reduce oxidative damages on the skin, and slows the aging process. Giving you a younger and healthier-looking skin.

Benefits of Using Hydrogen Water For Skin

  • Neutralizes free radicals caused by reactive oxygen species (ROS).
  • Anti-inflammatory power after skin surfer from UV damage or sunburn.
  • Fights acne and sterilize up to 99% of bacteria & eliminates wastes.
  • Creates micro water clusters through electrolysis for faster skin absorption and maximize moisturizing.
  • Powerful exfoliation effect by Hydrogen water as an anti-aging & antioxidant property.
  • Hydrogen water is medically proven to fight various skin diseases.

Product Features

  • Compact, Elegant and has an Ergonomic Design.
  • Nanoscale Ultrasonic Mist Technology provides a fine water molecule mist.
  • Instant generation of molecular hydrogen water up to 800 ppb and -400 ORP.
  • Food Grade BPA Free Safe Materials. Full CE and Rohs certified.
  • High-Grade Platinum Titanium Electrode providing maximum Hydrogen gas (H2) concentration.
  • Long-lasting Rechargeable Polymer Lithium Battery.
  • Micro USB charging with water-resistant charging cap.
  • Highly reinforced plastic and structure for maximum durability, and a built-in water tank.

Q-Mist is the only hydrogen water diffuser using nanoscale ultrasonic mist technology which vibrates over a sequence of 120,000 times per second, creating the finest nanoparticle for best skin absorption. Simply slide down the switch, the Q-Mist will instantly generate a soft spray mist of rich hydrogen water.

Getting into the deepest parts of your skin and sterilize up to 99% of bacteria. Q-Mist is compact and easy to hold. Using a Micro USB you can charge the Q-Mist anywhere. With the Q-Mist start enjoying refreshed skin and say goodbye to those dry damaged skin!


Can I use aromatic oils in it?
No. Oils will block the ultrasonic jet. Remember, this isn’t a ‘feel’ good aroma product. This is a product designed to heal.

Does it have an SPE and PEM filter to ensure it doesn’t actually make chlorine?
The Q-Mist is not built with SPE/PEM electrodes. However, the power consumption to this unit is very small, there will hardly any chlorine be detected through the electrolysis process, and it’s not harmful to our skins.

How does it charge?
A USB charge inlet allows you to easily charge it.

How long will it operate until it needs a new charge?
We’ve tested it to 1.5 hours of operation.

How do I refill it?
Just twist the cap off, fill it with purified water, and replace the cap.

What are the bubbles I see when it runs?
These are molecular hydrogen being infused into the water.

Is it OK to carry it in my handbag or purse? Will it leak?
We’ve used it in all sorts of conditions daily and it has not leaked. Design and utility are excellent.

Are there scientific tests I can look at?
Yes, www.molecularhydrogeninstitute.com/skin-and-radiationre.

How long will it last?
The inventor has tested it to simulate 3 years’ operation.
It has a one year warranty.

What kind of water should I use with Q-Mist?
You can use any water with minerals including tap water. Do not use RO (Reverse Osmosis) water with Q-Mist because hydrogen cannot be generated without minerals in the water.

Why is my Q-Mist hard to slide down and switch on?
It is sometimes slippery when there are water stains left on the on/off button. Try drying the button and try again.


Model: WHM-1803
Water Tank Capacity: 16ml.
Dimensions: 42 x 22 x 122mm (L x W x H).
Weight: 2 Oz.

Build Materials

Body and water tank: Food Grade PC Plastic Rohs certified.
Platinum Titanium Electrode.


Nanoscale Ultrasonic Mist Technology.
Atomization amount: 0.8~1.2 ml/min.

Hydrogen Generation

Hydrogen Concentration up to 800 ppb (Depends on Water Quality).
Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP): up to -400 mV  (Depends on Water Quality).
Working Time: 1.5 hours (continuous).

Power Information

Power Supply: DC5V
Battery Capacity: 500 mAh
Charging Time: 2.5 hours

14 reviews for Q-Mist – The Hydrogen Water Diffuser

Based on 14 reviews
  1. Michael S (store manager)

    Just a quick note to say I received the Q-Mist a bit over a week ago and I have been trying it twice a day on my head, face, and even my neck below the chin, I thought with the cold weather that it would be too cold to use it but it is a very refreshing and pleasant experience and I am sure I can already see some difference in my face with sagging skin and wrinkles, I am using the water from my UltraStream and I am enjoying using this product, I have only charged it once and it is a very quick easy product to use and convenient.

  2. Ian

    Love it! I get sore eyes and use it for that. Last week I walked into a grasstree and a blade went straight into my eye. Very painful! Three short blasts with the Q-Mist and my eye is perfect.

  3. Vicki (verified owner)


  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Highly recommend I use it all the time and my skin feels younger

  6. Przemyslaw K. (verified owner)

  7. Marie Ruperez (verified owner)

    The Q-Mist is Wonderful !!! I brought one for myself but my daughter kept taking it so I brought her one as a gift, she takes it everywhere, really hydrates skin. I found that using Q-Mist is really refreshing/hydrating for the skin. A big bonus for me, I no longer have to buy eye drops for dry eyes as the moisturising mist used once or twice a day over my eyelids, around my eyes and in my eyes works wonders:) Also a great wound cleanser. This is really a great product, buy one, you will never regret the investment. Alkaway provides me with good customer service and super fast delivery, Many Thanks!!

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great service. Thanks

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    wonderful and dehydrating on the skin and is so soothing for tired, sore eyes!

  10. Marie Ruperez (verified owner)

    What can I say that I have not said already. I have purchased various of these wonderful Q-Mist’s everyone loves them and everyone uses them for different purposes with great results in all areas- dry eyes, scraps and wound cleansing, blocked nasal passages and of course for facial skin, it is so hydrating no need for facial creams while you have this wonderful item but if you do use facial creams at times , first mist your face until it feels slightly wet , wait 2 minutes and then apply facial cream and the difference in absorption is amasing as skin feels super plump and hydrated. Thank you AlkaWay team for lovely customer service, great products and fast delivery 🙂

  11. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I love the way it refreshes my face, and soothes my dry itchy eyes (which was the deciding point made by another user). I will give it a 10 when I see any improvement in my skin.

  12. Renee (verified owner)

  13. Susie Henry (verified owner)

    Marvellous little machine makes skin feel great

  14. tbotica

    I have been using the Q-Mist for several months now, mostly twice a day, it hasn’t made much of a difference in the hydration of my skin and I can’t see any improvements with my fine lines and wrinkles. However it does feel lovely when going on your skin but must admit I did expect better results. I will continue to use it for the twelve months and hopefully I will see some improvement and be able to give it more stars. Everyone’s skin is different so I still would recommend that you try it.

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