AlkaWay Alkaline Water Filter Jug

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AlkaWay Alkaline Water Filter Jug is far more than just another common portable water jug, it’s much much more…

Thanks to the advances in bioceramic technology from Biocera. The bioceramics help improve water structure and its hydration ability. Additionally, it harnesses natural minerals, removes excess chemicals in the water improving the taste. The Alkaline Water Filter Jug Alkaline filtered water has never been more affordable.

  • Water filter removes chlorine and reduces heavy metals and other contaminants
  • Alkalizes the water with essential minerals such as calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium
  • pH up to 9.5
  • Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) up to -300mV
  • 1.5 Litre fits most fridges
  • BPA Free

AlkaWay Alkaline Water Filter Jug comes complete with 2 cartridges. Each cartridge will last for up to 8-10 weeks (based on 2 fills a day).

Link: Replacement filters.

Manufacture ISO 9001 Certified, material NSF/ANSI Standard 42 certified.

Jug Box 1x549x516

AlkaWay Antioxidant Alkaline Water Filter Jug

The AlkaWay Antioxidant Alkaline Water Filter Jug may resemble a common portable water filter jug but it is far better than most jugs.

Why is AlkaWay a better water filter jug?

This latest generation AlkaWay Alkaline Water Filter Jug produces clear, mineral-rich drinking water. The World Health Organisation recommends adding buffer minerals like calcium, sodium, magnesium, and potassium to your water for good heart health. alkaline water can flush-out and have a detoxing effect on your body. The great-tasting water will quench the meanest thirst.

What is the filter made up of?

So, how does it work? The filter is made up of separate layers. First is a coarse Pre-filter that stops big contaminants from polluting the water. The second Polypropylene (PP) layer helps in preventing clogging of the filter and also to prevent small dirt or dust that sneaks through. Thirdly, an active carbon layer absorbs and reduces chemicals and some heavy metals from the water. Finally, AlkaWay ceramic balls add essential minerals to your drinking water.

Jug fill 1 519x366 1

Alkaline Balance:

First launched in the UK in 2009 and the rest of the world shortly after, the AlkaWay Alkaline Water Filter Jug has been highly popular with those wishing to achieve good levels of quality hydration and improved body alkaline balance.

Alkaline antioxidant water has never been more affordable thanks to advances in bioceramic technology.

Easy and Affordable:

The AlkaWay Alkaline Water Filter Jug is an easy and affordable way to get good healthy alkaline water and hydrate the body. This mineral water jug is easy to use and safe to carry.

Jug filter change 1 519x366 1

Improved Health:

Drinking good quality filtered water is the simplest thing most people can do to improve their levels of health and wellness. You can use the alkaline water from your jug for hot and cold drinks and for cooking. It is great for washing fruits and vegetables.

Features and benefits:

  • Help flush acidic wastes out of the body
  • Supplies minerals such as calcium, potassium, sodium, and magnesium for your body
  • Contains smaller water clusters (51.497 Hz) that hydrate the body up to 3 times quicker
  • Helps dissolve and excrete body wastes from the human body (prevent constipation)
  • Supplies necessary minerals to help metabolism
  • Improves the taste of your water

Filter skematic.

Jug Filter Composition:

  • Coarse pre-filter: particle pre-filter hindering visible particles to enter the filter bed.
  • Polypropylene (PP) pre-filter, a fine PP mush preventing any smaller particles or sediment to enter into the filter media, thus clogging or covering the filter media.
  • Activated carbon filter layer: Activated carbon granules act as a magnet, attracting chlorine (taste and odour), as well as organic compounds such as benzene (made from coconut shells).
  • AlkaWay Antioxidant Alkaline Biocera Balls
    • Help to flush acidic metabolites and toxins from your body
    • Change tap water into alkaline water (pH)
    • Help dissolve bodily acidic wastes (Prevent constipation)
    • Supply minerals to help metabolism
    • Biocera Balls are tested and certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for material requirements.

Instructions on Replacing the Alkaline Water Filter Jug Filter:Replace instructions 3 840x500 1













The science behind the AlkaWay filters

Biocera received the world’s first certification on the safety requirements for ceramic filter balls with NSF/ANSI Standard 42 and FDA safety grade test for Biocera Antioxidant Alkaline filter. Biocera Balls were developed in the 1990s based on the crystal growth technology by Dr Jeon Hyoung Tag in the 1980s, the current CEO and founder of Biocera. The raw ingredients may be the same, but the colours, sizes, and values of the Biocera balls are different like red rubies, blue sapphires, and transparent corundum.

The raw ingredients that go into making Biocera balls are extracted from nature and are fundamentally different from other cheaper ceramic balls which may elute heavy metals. Biocera balls function by adding necessary alkaline minerals in the water. They turn water alkaline and help pH balance. Patented Biocera balls are the best and safest ceramic balls for water filtration purposes. It is why the world’s leading premium water purifier companies insist on Biocera products.

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  1. Rick

    This is really excellent to see Alkaway stocking this lovely South Korean made filter and supplying the cartridges at a reasonable price! I was using this pitcher several years ago however the cost of the filters became prohibitive just have a look on eBay to see what I mean I used to get a triple pack for around $60 but for some reason they doubled and tripled in price virtually over night so I stopped using. It has been available in Canada under a different guise in a sort of “party plan” fashion however again the cost of filters were too prohibitive for me. Everything mentioned is true regarding this filter when I did my own testing however I was never fully convinced as to the efficiency of the actual filtration system itself in regards modern city waters so the advice was to put pre-filtered water into it first interestingly I would use AlkaWay’s original US made media pitcher to then run that through this one which really extended the life on a filter. The only thing I didn’t test for was hydrogen readings could you guys possibly test that for us?Otherwise a fabulous filter jug you really notice the difference drinking this water believe me😊.

  2. Judy (verified owner)

    A great product & an overall positive o

  3. Shayne Timmins (verified owner)

  4. ljiljana (verified owner)

    Delivery was really quick which surprised me. loving my new jug

  5. Joanne (verified owner)

    Very happy with the product, however I would have liked clearer instructions

  6. Phillip H. (verified owner)

  7. Kate S. (verified owner)

    Pleased with the product and very pleased with the customer service provided pre and post purchase/delivery.

  8. Trudy (verified owner)

    Wonderful product. Extremely happy with my purchase. Would definately recommend to any buyer.

  9. Virginia H. (verified owner)

    Delicious water for heath.

  10. Deborah (verified owner)

    My partner and I love the Alkaline water filter jug. We can definitely taste the difference and as a result we’re drinking more of it. We used to spend so much many on alkaline bottles at the shop and now we just fill up our eco friendly water bottles for a fraction of the price. Well worth the buy!

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