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By Ian Hamilton

When Your Water is BAD.. Do You Hear About it?

Rounding up Roundup: A Witches’ Brew of Contamination Glyphosate and Fluoride make lead problems in water worse. To make matters worse, widespread glyphosate use can make water more effective when it comes to stripping lead from pipes.

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Water Filtration considerations when I bought my place.

As I was awaiting settlement, I had time to consider what water filter I would get, if any. Maybe it wasn’t worth going to the expense of buying a filter when I won’t be there to use it for long. On the very first day I got the keys I decided that absolutely YES. It was going to be worth it. I almost spat out the first mouthful of town water I had. Then there was the shower to consider and is a chlorine chamber really all that bad.

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Fluoride: Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics (Benjamin Disraeli)

A good customer of ours rang after looking at a video from another water alkalizer company regarding fluoride. I thought the easiest way to help her was to look at the video and comment. In it I discuss whether activated alumina, our fluoride reduction media of choice, works as we say it does. Here are a few links that support our

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New and Nastier News about Fluoride in our water

Erin Elizabeth of Health Nut News shared this post about the dangers of fluoride – NEW information yesterday. Wow. We didn’t expect to see this in mainstream news.  Especially Newsweek (in their Tech and Science Section no less)  These are 2  studies just out about the dangers of fluoridated water. The first published study is at Toronto’s York University which

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