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Can Your Drinking Water Affect Your Gut Biome? cover

Can Your Drinking Water Affect Your Gut Biome?

Arsenic is the silent and slow killer in our drinking water.. yet millions still slowly accumulate it in their daily draught straight from the tap. Here’s what you can do.

Feeling the Stress of Lockdown? Staying alkaline will help.

Feeling the Stress of Lockdown? Staying alkaline will help.

The lockdowns are something none of us like or want, and combined with – in so many cases – the fear of job loss, economic erosion, rears its ugly head. There’s a way to help that doesn’t involve a visit to the doctor or a prescription for ‘Mother’s Little Helpers”.

Are you 23% Healthy or...

Are you 23% Healthy or…

Forget about the elections, climate change or Covid! Think about what this means in terms of the health of a nation! TERRIBLE results for USA health conditions.

How we are fortifying against Covid-19

This morning I noticed that one of our products, the I LOVE O2 has taken a sudden leap in sales. We changed nothing on the website so it must be that people are researching on ways to keep up oxygen levels in the body.

Inflammation Control in a Glass.

How do you set yourself up for the day? A natural alkaline ‘shot’. I love to get up early, a bit of yoga, meditation without fail, a shower, a healthy paleo breakfast,and then out the door. Sound familiar?I think my morning routine is already exceptional. But I have a mighty elixir that compliments my regimen […]

Too Good to be True? In this case, no.

I’ve identified a telltale for MLM approaches. And I gotta say, we get a few! This morning it was ‘French Green Clay” and the big sell line was that the Israeli army uses it to get rid of chemical warfare effects. Then (and this is my ‘telltale’ sign of an MLM approach).. there is the […]

EFSA ignores cocktail effect of multiple pesticide residues in food

European Food Safety Authority: Hmm… seems they haven’t read their own name lately! The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has published a new  report: ‘The 2013 European Union report on pesticides in food’. The report, shows the results for almost 81,000 food samples from 27 EU Member States, Iceland and Norway”. Their Press Release of 12th March 2015 reports […]

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