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Feeling the Stress of Lockdown? Staying alkaline will help.

Feeling the Stress of Lockdown? Staying alkaline will help.

We developed Alkaway Alkaline Booster primarily as an answer for anyone suffering from inadequate alkaline intake – to counter the inherent acidity of modern life.

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It’s been a roaring success with the highest re-order rate we’ve seen in 21 years of helping people. So we can reasonably confidently say that it works.

But.. we are in strange times indeed, and stress has emerged as a primary reason people are seeking help.

The lockdowns are something none of us like or want, and combined with – in so many cases – the fear of job loss, economic erosion, and the basic fear of getting sick -stress rears its ugly head.

There’s a way to help that doesn’t involve a visit to the doctor or a prescription for ‘Mother’s Little Helpers”. But first, let’s do a quick dive into what is happening when we stress.

Stress leads to an increase in Magnesium excretion.

  • …which causes magnesium deficiency.
  • With magnesium deficiency you get a decrease in the release of serotonin.
  • Serotonin is the neurotransmitter most associated with happiness.
  • Less happy equals greater feeling of stress.

But Wait, There’s more!
Low magnesium leads to increased aches and pains, and poorer quality and quantity of sleep.

So, Alkaway Alkaline Booster’s magnesium in a highly absorbable form, can help reduce the feeling of stress – due to its effect on serotonin, muscular aches, and sleep.

One study we checked shows that people on an alkaline diet have lower levels of anxiety.
No drugs, no meditation, no deep breathing. Just enough magnesium!

”I love this product! I take it every morning … it alkalises my system easily and gives me a good dose of all necessary minerals. I no longer suffer from occasional leg cramps either.” ~ Leonie

“It really lowered my acidity and I have taken it many years, first by buying from your agent in Perth. Now I have introduced to 2 of my friends who have recently also ordered them” ~Philip Chen

And what about Greens? Can they help?

Many reach for alcohol when stressed – evidenced by the increase in alcohol consumption during lockdowns.

Greens are great for a gentle daily detox to reduce the side effects of alcohol. But they may just do more than that.

  • Alcohol consumption often leads to an increase in junk food in the diet.
  • This means less nutrients.
  • Low nutrient levels has been shown to lead to an increase in alcohol consumption.
  • So, the alcohol causes the junk food. 
  • The junk food causes the alcohol.

    Alkaway Organic Greens are a great way to increase the essential nutrients you get out of the food you are eating.

    ”At last, I have found a palatable greens formula. Alkaway Greens is really easy to drink. I am getting the greens that my body craves in a very digestible dose. It leaves me with no unpleasant after-taste. I just mix it with water and drink it straight down. It is great value too in the really tall 600g size – twice the size of standards greens powders. Joanna, Ballina NSW

So… maybe, just maybe, Alkaway Greens can reduce both your alcohol consumption, and your alcohol intake.
You can only try them and see.
Order both the AlkalIne Booster and the Organic Greens and you’ll save on postage.

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