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Vinyl Chlorine anyone?

In the space of one week, we’ve received 3 pretty amazing reports. The first one showed the presence of artificial sweeteners in drinking water. The second

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Is fear of cancer causing cancer? The expert’s answer is YES

Close-Up Of A Doctor Wearing A MaskA just published study in the Journal of American Medical Association: Otolaryngology has shown up over-diagnosis of cancer and treatment of unthreatening tumors for the 300% increase in thyroid cancer researchers have seen since 1975. There has been an ever-increasing body of evidence that detailed questions certain scientists had about the need for aggressive cancer treatment.

The treatment of certain types of cancers (often ones in the prostate, breast and lung) is sometimes not considered to be medically necessary since they would not become deadly to the individual. Thyroid cancer is also said to be similar.

As many of you already know, your thyroid governs the release of hormones in the body and helps do many things like regulate your metabolism. Thyroid cancer involves the removal of the gland from your throat and then involves a lifetime of hormone pills to supplement its loss.

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The Detox Conundrum: My Anti Cancer Strategy

No-one can answer the big question about how much of these toxins are ‘needed’ to come down with serious disease, and so we are left to our own devices in creating our own ongoing detoxification plan. What I can say in my own life is that I haven’t contracted cancer. That’s really all I can say, because I simply have no alternative data.. and what is obvious is that no doctor can promise me cancer proofing. In fact sometimes I’m reminded of my Dad, a big smoker, who just kept on smoking regardless. He used to say, when questioned about it or after almost coughing his lungs out at the dinner table:

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