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Colitis. Ouch. cover

Colitis. Ouch.

Colitis is a hell of an ailment. It usually lasts for a lifetime. This new study brings some hope.

What’s Your Future Sanitising Strategy?

What’s Your Future Sanitising Strategy?

Personally, even though I live in what might be one of the better and healthier places on the planet, I reluctantly realised that it’s time I got serious about formulating a future immunity strategy. Not just a strategy for viruses: a strategy for optimal immunity! So I’m going to talk about strategies I think I should have had in place way before this latest crisis. These are health strategies for a lifetime.

A Few Words from Erin Brokovich that just About Summarize why you need the best water filter you can afford. Now.

A Few Words from Erin Brokovich that just About Summarize why you need the best water filter you can afford. Now.

“We are in a water crisis beyond anything you can imagine. Pollution and toxins are everywhere, stemming from the hazardous wastes of industry and agriculture. We’ve got more than 40,000 chemicals on the market today with only a few hundred regulated. We’ve had industrial byproducts discarded into the ground and into our water supply for years. This crisis affects everyone – rich or poor, black or white, Republican or Democrat. Communities everywhere think they are safe when they are not.

FIVE Fruits or Vegetables you really can do without

You won’t hear this in mainstream media. They seem to downplay the importance of eating organic, even though more and more people switch it rather than persisting with “conventional” food often laced with synthetic pesticides. Many people are familiar with the Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen from the Environmental Working Group. It’s a list that highlights the […]

A Common Diet-based anti-cancer compound may work by influence on cellular genetics

Researchers have discovered one of the reasons why broccoli may be good for your health. Sulforaphane, a dietary compound in broccoli  known to help prevent prostate cancer, may work through its influence on long, non-coding RNAs. The findings were published by researchers from Oregon State University in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry. They provide even more evidence […]

Colon Cancer and Molecular Hydrogen: new study.

I’m sure all of our readers are aware that we DO NOT make claims of therapeutic effect from the purchase of our H2 products. After 16 years we know – and understand that – especially in the case of cancer,  anyone claiming they can cure cancer knows precious little about the disease, which has at least […]

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