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The hidden carcinogen in Soda

We all know that soda packs lots of addictive sugar. Few of us know that soda has another ingredient that’s worth knowing about. Some caramel-colored sodas could

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The Future of Alkaline water is here and now.

Those of you who have been following this blog would already be aware that we have developed the UltraStream, the world’s first validated non electric water filter and hydrogen producer, and that it has tested better than the most expensive electric system on the market. We knew that there was more to learn and we knew that japan was the place H2 was ‘happening’.

Along the way, we also wanted to check out some of the sales supporting stories we have all heard over the years and see if they were true.

Firstly, we wanted to see if,a s we have been told, alkaline ionized water was available ‘everywhere’.

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Too expensive?

My business Guru, Seth Godin, talked today about value of things. He used this example: ” A $400 bottle of water is too expensive to

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