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All the best tips on using hydrogen tablets

Gavin Dickinson is an old mate, even though he works for one of our competitors. His Facebook page on H2 is a great resource, and this post of his prevented me from having to write our own. I have added our observations in his article in red. Why is it so important to fill my […]

Testicular cancer from Sports Supplements?

Given that our I LOVE H2 is a sports supplement.. this article caught my attention… BIG TIME! Gym rats and exercise enthusiasts looking to enhance their physique and musculature often consume a range of sports supplements – from protein to creatine to beta-alanine and more – but what if the trade-off was the health of […]

Cell Signalling and Molecular Hydrogen

Alkaway resident Naturopath Erica has just completed a presentation of her summation of the scientific studies on cell signalling. Cell signalling is something few people understand, but let’s face it- that’s a pretty weak reason to ignore it, especially if it holds powerful health benefits. The analogy that seems to make most sense to me is of […]

Portable Hydrogen Rich Water bottles: a review of two

Can we have hydrogen-rich water anywhere we go? Yes, we can! Ian compares an electronic portable hydrogen-rich water product with our AlkaPod and has some surprising results. Both make fresh molecular hydrogen infused in water on the go. Both alkalize the water using minerals. Both give the water good ORP. One is a visible process, […]

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