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Travel Water Filter Bottle: Is it really necessary?

Travel Water Filter Bottle: Is it really necessary?

Why do I carry an OKO travel water bottle whenever I travel? This article from Sherry Brescia sums it up pretty well! I’ll never forget the day a waterborne bug caught up with me in Northern India. Twenty one days later I emerged from a Nepal hospital 20 kilos lighter .

A New Look at Kidney Stones.

A New Look at Kidney Stones.

These amazing images of kidney stones show why you may be in excruciating pain. They are, frankly, self-explanatory.

When Your Water is BAD... Do You Hear About it?

When Your Water is BAD… Do You Hear About it?

Rounding up Roundup: A Witches’ Brew of Contamination Glyphosate and Fluoride make lead problems in water worse. To make matters worse, widespread glyphosate use can make water more effective when it comes to stripping lead from pipes.

Coronavirus Strategies Examined.. and a Possible Alternative.

COVID-19 is here and it looks like it has no plans to leave. Very few people really understand a virus – what it is, how it moves, how it can exist seemingly inert on a surface. I’d suggest, given the situation, that it might be a good time to do a little self-education. Knowing what […]

11 ways our New EcoSanitizer can make your home cleaner, safer, better.

We’ve just released our new EcoSanitizer. It’s perhaps the most useful new kitchen device yet. And yet many of us have either never heard of it or think it is only available form a $4000 water ionizer. So we’re going to share with you just some of the things we use it for.   Cleaning […]