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Our 20/20 Vision

Alkaway is hitting the TWO DECADE mark and our vision is the same as day one

Have you Met Leon? He’s our resident Alkaline and H2 Specialist here in Australia

  We asked Leon to tell us why he likes working here. “In answering that question, the first realisation is that I am in the “perfect” place for my skills, experience, intellect and personality. I get to work with a small team of “dynamic” and slightly eccentric bunch of people. We share many laughs as […]

You’re welcome Vanuatu!

Regular readers will remember that we offered a complete donation of proceeds from AlkaWay clients who wanted to trade in their electric Delphi water ionizers to the natural alternative, the UltraStream. SEVEN people took us up on our offer and as a result we are presenting a  cheque to Oxfam for $2613.00 Now… any ideas for […]

Snake Oil.. or The Real Deal? You’re going to have to work it out yourself.

The Truth about Snake Oil With our thanks to Professor Tyler LeBaron “It is hard not to be skeptical about ionized water; even the name itself is misleading and unscientific. Water is neutral. It is not an ion, so saying “ionized water” suggests that the water is ionic, which is certainly incorrect. However,  “ionized” water […]

Is this your daily drink? Think before you drink. Orange Juice = Obesity

 This 1 “healthy” drink makes you fatter. What’s the number one 1 drink that has been marketed to you as “healthy”? What if you knew it is actually causing you to gain weight? Yup, OJ, our fave breakfast healthy heartstarter makes you fat… is your supermarket orange juice. (and other juices too…) It’s yet another case […]

alkasachets open bottle

Are you getting enough Magnesium?

When I take a moment to look at what magnesium does, it reminds me once again of the complexity and brilliance of the human body. And like all great and complex machines, it reminds me of the importance of ‘tuning’ it and giving it what it needs to carry out all those mindboggling daily tasks […]

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