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Is this your daily drink? Think before you drink. Orange Juice = Obesity

 This 1 “healthy” drink makes you fatter.

What’s the number one 1 drink that has been marketed to you as “healthy”? What if you knew it is actually causing you to gain weight?

OJYup, OJ, our fave breakfast healthy heartstarter makes you fat… is your supermarket orange juice. (and other juices too…)

It’s yet another case of us accepting something we are told is true enough times. And there was huge money to be made from fruit juice if the corporate spin doctors could just ‘message’ it right. Enter Vitamin C. An adman’s dream.

We’re all pretty cognizant of the fact that Coke is bad for us, right? (despite coke’s latest attempts to paint itself with healthy colours through some pretty weird ad messages) But here’s the truth: supermarket juice has up to 400% MORE sugar and calories than the fruit it came from! And comparing it with just having an orange from the tree.. well, where’s all that fibre gone?

So here’s the truth. Sugar is poison. Not just a little poison. A big poison. The elss sugar you can have the better. End of story. So in this perverse world of a nation addicted to the drug, it may even be said that a coke is better for you than a glass of OJ. Weird, huh? Just how bad is it?

Yup, One of the very worst things to drink  has LESS calories than what we and the label call “healthy”  fruit juice.

As for other fruit drinks.. you know the sort i’m talking about.. those happy happy drinks we buy our kids to slip into their lunch box to make sure they are ‘happy/stoned’ on sugar? They are as low as 10% real juice, and the juice usually comes in concentrate form.

Does it really matter what sort of sugar it s?
Is it cane sugar? (bad) Is it corn syrup fructose? Bad.
Is it agave syrup sugar? Bad.

No it doesn’t matter one whit. The best way to think of sugar in any form is to understand its addictive and health destructive power and STAY AWAY FROM IT! It’s no longer conjecture. The number of studies conclusively linking sugar in all of its forms to addiction and degraded health are legion.

And yes, all sugar is acidifying. And all acid is inflammatory. And all inflammation is a possible precursor to more serious health conditions.

Ask yourself; are our kids the picture of steady energy or are they screamin’ neemies with wildly oscillating moodswings? Sugar. (and energy drinks but don’t get me started on that one!

Just because a picture of an orange is on a bottle doesn’t eman that what you are drinking is orange juice. Pictures lie and we accept the lie, albeit subconsciously.

But now you know the TRUTH about store-bought fruit-juices, so you’ll be on your way to a leaner healthier you in no time.

So next time the kids holler for a juice, grab a REAL orange or lemon, cut out a beautiful fresh wedge, squeeze some into a glass of UltraStream hydrogen enriched water, drop the whole wedge into the glass and give it to Junior. Walk away. DO NOT NEGOTIATE. His life is at risk from sugar!

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