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Hydrogen v Caffeine in the Sleep Deprived

Hydrogen v Caffeine in the Sleep Deprived

Molecular Hydrogen can be as effective as caffeine in increasing alertness when sleep deprived, but in different ways. Learn the science and beat the morning drag.

Oxygen and Hydrogen? Oxygen OR hydrogen? Confusion Reigns!

Here’s the Essence of a query we received yesterday: What is the difference between the properties of  infused oxygen products and infused molecular hydrogen? In what situations would one focus on taking one more than the other? For example, an overgrowth of pathogens in the digestive tract? I always thought that high oxygen would be […]

Getting fitter doesn’t have to hurt... much

All the best tips on using hydrogen tablets

Gavin Dickinson is an old mate, even though he works for one of our competitors. His Facebook page on H2 is a great resource, and this post of his prevented me from having to write our own. I have added our observations in his article in red. Why is it so important to fill my […]

Meet Tyler LeBaron

tylersideways4webWant to remain at the forefront of the Hydrogen revolution?
There’s just one man you need to follow.

Here he is.

Why should you subscribe to his blog??

becasue IMHO this is going to be the biggest self-health strategy we’ve seen in decades. It’s not a ‘fix-it’ strategy. So many of H2’s benefits are about prevention rather than fixing things up after they go wrong. And Tyler is THE MAN on H2.

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