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Oxygen and Hydrogen? Oxygen OR hydrogen? Confusion Reigns!

Here’s the Essence of a query we received yesterday:

What is the difference between the properties of  infused oxygen products and infused molecular hydrogen?
In what situations would one focus on taking one more than the other?
For example, an overgrowth of pathogens in the digestive tract?
I always thought that high oxygen would be the best for this, but I read this website that states:
” The beneficial probiotics in the intestines are anaerobic microbes – this means they thrive in environments that lack oxygen. If you oxygenate the intestines, you kill the beneficial probiotics in them!”  Anyway would just love to understand the two a little better.  

Also, is I Love O2 basically the same as ASEA?  I’ve been trying to search for something that works in the same way but is less expensive for people, and from what I’ve read they sound identical.”



Ian: You’d love to understand them better? So would I!

The great advantage of the internet is the unlimited knowledge available to us all.
The great burden of the internet is whether you can believe anything you find.. because 99 out of 100 pages are selling you their story to sell you their products. (And yes, that includes us).

Both products have scientific tests you can look up on any number of science websites like this one.
H₂ is fast outpacing O₂ in the sheer number of studies, but that doesn’t mean it’s better. One could say it’s a little bit the flavour of the month.

So we are left with anecdotal data.
And both therapies have strong anecdotal evidence. The inventor of our I LOVE O₂ is adamant about the advantages of using his product, and given it tastes very like a swimming pool, it’d have to be good to succeed.
I LOVE H₂ receives raves from users every other day, so what we can say is that within the limits of what we see and hear, both are good health supporting strategies.

But you asked how you would focus on taking one vs. the other.

I think what my friend Erik Thauberger said has great relevance:

Why would anyone pay superfluous amounts to kill bacteria overrgrowth when an excessively spicy, yet cheap homemade meal might kill just as good or better?
The follow-up of pro-biotics to re-establish is also cheaper when you don’t buy fancy pills but are still cognizant of strain content in your brand of yogurt. The spicy meal and yoghurt taste so well together to boot – and has for thousands of years of evolution so your body is best poised to benefit greater from this style of ingestion. I can afford turmeric capsules and H₂ tablets for extra benefits (not sure all can), but they don’t replace an intelligent and healthy diet.

My own anecdotal evidence is that I derive great and sustained energy and vitality from my daily dose of H₂ in tablet form and water. I had no result from the I LOVE O₂ even though many clients report very good results. So.. results vary.

I’m about to take delivery of my first Browns gas unit which delivers a mix of O₂ and H₂, so I’ll certainly report in it here.

Two last points on the O₂

1. There are a number of O₂ products on the scene. We have tried virtually all of them and frankly, they are all similar, no matter how unique they say they are. What is very different between the brands is the marketing system – often MLM – which makes some products far more expensive than others. So I’ll say it once again: they all perform basically the same.

Our product, I Love O₂ (Rocket Fuel) is an Australian innovation and we purchase directly from the inventor. We’ve been offering it for at least 5 years and we can tell when a product works by its re-order level.. and people just keep buying it.

2. One website referenced claims that oxygen water kills intestinal bacteria. No proof, no science, but the fact that they are selling something different and more expensive rings bells for me.

We have NEVER heard of anyone using I LOVE O₂ having intestinal problems.

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