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Oxygen and Hydrogen? Oxygen OR hydrogen? Confusion Reigns!

Here’s the Essence of a query we received yesterday: What is the difference between the properties of  infused oxygen products and infused molecular hydrogen? In what situations would one focus on taking one more than the other? For example, an overgrowth of pathogens in the digestive tract? I always thought that high oxygen would be […]

Why drink H2 water if it’s acidic?

We received this email today. Hi there, I have just purchased I love h2 tablets from you. I am curious why when i mix it up and test it with a ph strip that it is reading 5 or maybe even lower? isnt it meant to be a higher ph? An answer to this would […]

What – exactly – does H2 do in the body to assist in sports performance?

We sell I LOVE H2 and the UltraStream because we believe in the beneficial effects of molecular hydrogen. Unlike the many years when we had almost no science to support the claim that drinking alkaline water, now we have hundreds of studies available on over a hundred different health modalities. So every new study helps […]

The role of Nutrition and Molecular Hydrogen in an athlete’s regime.

When we think of nutrition, most of us think of fueling or recovering from training. But food does play an equally  important role: that of injury care and prevention. Injury can be obvious, as is the case with a fall, crash, or rolled ankle. It can involve wounds and skin abrasions, broken bones, tendons, ligaments […]

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