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Why drink H2 water if it’s acidic?

We received this email today.

Hi there,

I have just purchased I love h2 tablets from you. I am curious why when i mix it up and test it with a ph strip that it is reading 5 or maybe even lower? isnt it meant to be a higher ph? An answer to this would be great.

thanks, Anthony


Anthony, your water in the bottle you dissolve your alkaline magnesium in goes acidic because that’s how the chemical reaction goes. Like lemon juice, (which is also acidic) the net effecxt in the body is alkalizing.

In the case of lemon juice, the residue of lemon juice after metabolism is a small amount of alkaline minerals. These are then added to our alkaline buffer to counter excess acidity from the many causes we have in our modern life. molecular hydrogen alkalizes by directly affecting the body through its antioxidant effect, it’s anti inflammatory, anti allergenic and anti apoptotic effect plus through its support for the production of our natural antioxidant, glutathione and through its support of our intercellular signalling system. It’s supporting our body so acid has less effect overall.

That being said, I have to add that although the number of human studies are growing almost daily, we rely on all studies including rats and in vitro but only sell I LOVE H2 as a sports supplement for legal reasons. I’m sure you understand.

One last thing:
many people have the same idea; they have been to told to alkalize so they try to alkalize with everything that passes their lips. It’s just not that simple. There’s a whole range of amino ACIDS we all need; are we supposed to NOT eat them because we are trying to alkalize?

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