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New AlkalIne Diet and what to do about those nasty cravings.

Almost everybody who starts our New Alkaline diet has to deal with cravings. I’m sure even Elle McPherson went through them. Unless you never ate sugar in your life, you’ve had cravings. Yet… knowing that it’s a common problem doesn’t make it any easier for you. We’ve found that these tactics help a lot. We are asking a […]

Breakfast: is it your ‘Meal of the Day’?

Cassie the Dietician isn’t Cassie the researcher and originator of the New Alkaline Diet. THAT Cassie is my partner, but Cassie the Dietician is also a brilliant researcher on a parallel path to us here at AlkaWay. She’s very much into Paleo and Low Carb, so are we. So I’m happy to add some links to some […]

The Alkaline Diet: a real inspiration!

Cassie was cleaning up her computer this morning after retrieving it from the clutches of a virus which played havoc with her browser. She found a post she had written for her Alkaline Paleo Diet blog which she had written over a year ago but had never actually added to her blog. It really inspired […]

Is it Possible to Maintain Alkaline Balance on a Diet including Meat?

Here are the 13 reasons why our bodies, if given the right nutrition, will be so much more alkaline when including meat in the diet. 1.   On the Alkaline Paleo diet stress is greatly relieved.  Stress is the greatest acidifier and getting the right nutrition will calm the mind enormously.  It’s been both mine and Ian’s […]

Are You a Live To Eat OR a Eat to Live Kind of Person?

Looking For A Different Passion Other Than Food? I have been a Live to Eat (and drink)  kind of person… … and changing over to a Eat to Live person has been an interesting… and challenging experience. I realised I actually needed to find my passion to fill my need for meaning instead of using […]

Teeth are as Good as What We Eat

Percentages of Teeth Attacked By Dental Caries in Primitive and Modernized Groups From Statistics by Dr Weston A Price. Group:          Primitive Diet       Agrarian Diet Swiss                           4.60                   […]

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