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Pesticides: the Narrative of Deception

Pesticides: the Narrative of Deception

Glphosate: Residues were present in bone, marrow, blood and glands including the thyroid, testes and ovaries, as well as major organs, including the heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, spleen and stomach. Learn more.

Roundup (in) Your Water?

Water technology Online is one of our favourite water websites and this article is derived from their excellent summation of Glyphosate in water What is ‘Roundup’? (Glyphosate) It is…  a broad spectrum herbicide, introduced by Monsanto Corporation over 40 years ago. A post-emergent systemic herbicide. It kills almost all plant types ~ weeds, grasses, shrubs, trees. Its chemical […]

The Roundup on Glyphosate (Roundup Herbicide)

EFSA declares Glyphosate ‘non-carcinogenic’. Despite the World Health Organization’s recent declaration that glyphosate is a probable carcinogen, EFSA has concluded otherwise. An’expert group’ of EFSA scientists and EU state risk assessment bodies (read: insurance men in suits) have finalised their own re-assessment of glyphosate, a chemical found in pesticides. They have decided that glyphosate is […]

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