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How to drink enough water: 14 ways cover

How to drink enough water: 14 ways

Discover 14 simple yet effective ways to increase your daily water intake, from choosing stylish reusable bottles to setting hydration goals. Transform how you think about drinking water and embrace a healthier, more hydrated lifestyle today.

Colitis. Ouch. cover

Colitis. Ouch.

Colitis is a hell of an ailment. It usually lasts for a lifetime. This new study brings some hope.

The Intriguing World of "Structured Water": A Journey Through Science and Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy cover

The Intriguing World of Structured Water

The concept of “structured water” is captivating both alternative health circles and scientific communities. Discover the intriguing world of structured water, its potential health benefits, and how Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy can provide insights into this fascinating subject. #structuredwater #science

Reverse Osmosis: Pros and Cons. cover

Reverse Osmosis: Pros and Cons.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a popular water filtration technology, but it has its drawbacks. It requires softened water, wastes a lot of water, and removes beneficial minerals. Before installing an RO system, consider the potential issues and explore alternative technologies. #waterfiltration #ROprosandcons

Finally! The untold truth about water ‘alkalizers’! cover

Finally! The untold truth about water ‘alkalizers’!

Finally! The truth about water ‘alkalizers’ revealed in this eye-opening video. Learn how these devices may not be what they seem and how it can affect your health and finances. Two scientific reports provide the evidence you need. Check out the links below the video for more information. #alkalinewater #healthyliving

A Simple Question Many People don’t bother asking: Do I need a water filter? cover

Do I need a water filter?

Just Why Do I Need A Water Filter For My House? Water authorities in Australia have established guidelines that ensure the safety and appearance of tap water. These guidelines include passing health requirements and tests for turbidity, colour, taste, and odour. Despite this, some water treatments used for distribution across cities may introduce harmful contaminants […]

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AlkaWay: Achievements and Milestones


Have Electrolysis-Based water ionizers lost the battle? An important new report

Talking to a Chinese friend recently, I learned of why electronic water ionizers in Japan are giving way to the newer non-water separating H2 water filter systems. He exports H2 systems into Japan and is amazed at how fast the industry there is evolving. He told me that the biggest water ionizer company in Japan fell […]

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