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Colitis. Ouch. cover

Colitis. Ouch.

Colitis is a hell of an ailment. It usually lasts for a lifetime. This new study brings some hope.

Chlorine in your water. The real risks. cover

Chlorine in your water. The real risks.

1. In Your Shower Many of us blame the chlorine in our water for the bad condition of our hair. We feel a real difference in texture and moisture when we're on vacation or travelling. But.. is there really a connection? Does the bathing water just affect our skin and hair, or can it lead […]

A Simple Question Many People don’t bother asking: Do I need a water filter? cover

Do I need a water filter?

Just Why Do I Need A Water Filter For My House? Water authorities in Australia have established guidelines that ensure the safety and appearance of tap water. These guidelines include passing health requirements and tests for turbidity, colour, taste, and odour. Despite this, some water treatments used for distribution across cities may introduce harmful contaminants […]

PFAs in your water? Do you know?

PFAs in your water? Do you know?

In the last half decade, the ’new’ toxin known as PFAS is in our sights. It’s in the public domain, having been hunted out of corporate secret cellars. And it’s one more growing concern with our drinking water.. but that’s not the only place you’ll find it.

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