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The Big Questions about our drinking water.

Thanks to Water Man Neil Sweeney for these disturbing questions we all need to ask.   QUESTIONS THAT MUST AGAIN BE ASKED AND CONSIDERED BY ALL FAMILIES DRINKING TAP WATER *What causes people to drink and cook in Chlorinated/Ammonia treated tap water? *Why is it unsafe to drink chlorinated pool water? *Why do fish die […]

What’s in your swimming pool?

What’s really in the water at the community swimming pool? Summertime, especially if you live in a hot region means that  a swimming pool becomes a boon and a lifesaver when the temperature soars. It’s a refreshing way to keep cool on a hot day, and a good swim gives us the chance for some healthy […]

Chlorine, Cloramines, VOC’s and Trihalomethanes; a ‘Dummy’s Guide’.

When I get thrown technical terms by salespeople, I often wonder if they aren’t doing it on purpose to impress, or even to make me hand over my power to them to make my decision for me because they seem to know more than me.  For this reason I want to help people confused about […]

How intelligent do you want your shower to be?

I admit it. I’m a shower hog. That blissful experience, repeated daily, of warm water splashing on my naked body…. so how much would I like automation to intrude on this ‘sacred space’? Firstly there was the little shower timer you stuck to the glass. The idea was to punch in on it as you […]

Chlorine vs. Chloramines

We all know what chlorine is. It’s a gas used to disinfect our water. It’s a carcinogen. The only good thing we can say about it is that if you pour yourself a glass of water and leave the glass open on the bench for half an hour, the chlorine gas, previously trapped inside the […]

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