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My Friend Ed has COVID.

This week, Ed told me he has Covid. He described all of the symptoms and confessed to having absolutely no idea how he could have contracted it.

The Alkaline Diet and Oxalates

The Alkaline Diet and Oxalates

Oxalates: An expansion of my need to stay alkaline and keep up my free radical protection. Where to find the foods that affect you.

A New Take on Immunity?

A New Take on Immunity?

There’s more to immunity than exposure to contagious viruses like COVID.

A Menu against inflammation

Inflammation, inflammation, inflammation: it’s everywhere on the net and used to sell millions of dollars worth of supplements. We are proud of the anti-inflammation properties of I LOVE H2, our molecular hydrogen supplement, but are ready to admit that diet always come first as our preferred health strategy. So we were excited to read that […]

Inflammation: Is it the enemy? Or is it your friend?

In the fitness world, inflammation often gets bad press. It is perceived as an enemy of the body simply because when we are inflamed we’ve usually experienced some form of injuries and chronic pain. It’s certainly true that inflammation can be associated with almost about every major health problem we have in medicine today. So… when people talk of inflammation […]

Alkaline Diet? A Seriously Easy Way to begin your Day.

OK, It’s a war zone ‘down there’. Or at least a ‘postwar zone. Your elimination system has been battling with acid overload all night, and in the early hours of the morning has assembled all that nasty acid in your bladder. That’s why your first ‘pee du jour’ is your most acidic.   It’s obvious […]

Anti Inflammation Diet Update

Our friend Bert Middleton is the Gout Killer and this is a great post. Look when it was written! He’s still relevant today! Anti-Inflammatory Diet Published May 7, 2012 | By Bert Middleton This Is Where It All Begins. I hate to be the one to tell you but . . . you probably have gout […]

Anxiety? Depression? How about a whole body tune-up? 7 Do-able ways to begin feeling better.

The US National Institute of Mental Health says we now have over 40 million Americans affected by a mental or emotional condition. Then there is the other 50 million who suffer from intermittent bouts of anxiety and depression. Wow. That’s nearly one third of the US population with mental health issues. Scary? Damn right it is! Current approaches NIMH says […]

The untold truth about what supports our life; cell signalling

What single biological function has been essential to every living organism’s growth, health and advancement – and is more important than any other? It’s called cell signalling; the ability for one cell in the body to ‘talk’ to another. Now here’s another question for you. What biological process does one in every three pharmaceutical drugs […]

Inflammation Control in a Glass.

How do you set yourself up for the day? A natural alkaline ‘shot’. I love to get up early, a bit of yoga, meditation without fail, a shower, a healthy paleo breakfast,and then out the door. Sound familiar?I think my morning routine is already exceptional. But I have a mighty elixir that compliments my regimen […]