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Alkaline Diet? A Seriously Easy Way to begin your Day.

lemon teacupOK, It’s a war zone ‘down there’. Or at least a ‘postwar zone. Your elimination system has been battling with acid overload all night, and in the early hours of the morning has assembled all that nasty acid in your bladder. That’s why your first ‘pee du jour’ is your most acidic.


It’s obvious that your body has worked selflessly to get you back in balance ready for another day battling the dark acid forces.. so it’s a really good idea to begin a daily practice of supporting your fragile alkaline balance.

It’s something I love.. and I am already a serious ‘alkalizer’.

If you already have a routine — morning meditation, a quick surya namaskar, a brisk walk around the block – I’m suggesting you add this to your ‘package’ of morning ritual. As Anthony Robbins teaches, by linking it to other daily choices, it becomes a part of the whole.

So here’s my suggestion. It’s neither original nor new, but it is GOOD. A glass of warm lemon water with Himalayan salt.

If you take on this daily ritual you’ll be joining many elite athletes who have already learned its value.

One 250ml glass of warm lemon water with Himalayan salt in the morning can do wonders. Would you believe increasing your immune function, decreasing your uric acid to fight inflammation, improving digestion, and balancing your body? Much of this is the vitamin C in the lemon juice plus the many essential minerals  in Himalayan salt.

When I began writing this I could think of about 6 benefits. After a little time communing with Mother Google, I ended up with NINETEEN benefits!

1 Lemons are serious anti inflammation warriors.
The juice can help dissolve the uric acid in joints. It’s also have been reported to help build and repair tendons, ligaments, and bone.
Lemon juice’s anti-inflammatory property could of course be especially beneficial for people with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, according to an American College of Physicians study on osteoarthritis, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine (2000).

2. Lemon juice supports good food and water absorption.
Only one glass  a day will provide a better overall mineral balance, which in turn promotes proper food and water absorption in your body, allowing essential nutrients to get where they need to be.

3. Alkaline Powerhouse! (pH). The alkalizing effects of lemon and the natural salt are going to buffer your body’s delicate pH balance, depositing alkaline minerals into your depleted storehoue, your alkaline buffer.

4. Boost immune function.
Just 1 lemon serves up 139% of your RDA for vitamin C. One lemon’s juice is a natural alternative to that vitamin C supplement you may be taking.

5. Cellular detox
Himalayan salt mixed with lemon juice and water helps to pull toxins from your cells, reducing cellular toxicity. How? Well, your interstitial liquid – the liquid surrounding your cell has to be the right pH because it needs it for the right electrical conductivity. That’s why alkalizing is so important, and also why pure neutral pH is empty in health terms.

6. Bye Bye cellulite.
Natural salts like Himalayan salt have been used for centuries for skin care. Many spa treatments for cellulitis contain some form of salt and/or citrus blend. A  daily gulp of lemon and salt water in the morning may firm up a few of those unsightly areas. Now you’ve mastered one, why not two!

7. DayGlo Skin.
Natural salt for skin problems, such as psoriasis and eczema, dates back to ancient Roman times. According to Science Tribune (1999), Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius’ doctor, Galen from Pergamum, used sea salt for skin diseases,

8. Ease up on allergies!
Some people say that the combination of lemon and salt,  mixed into warm water, acts as a natural antihistamine for allergies. It may be the perfect alternative to those pink pills that leave you feeling drowsy. I can’t vouch for it but if we are getting all these other benefits, wouldn’t it be cool if it ‘just happened’?

9. Sleep Easy.
Lemon and Himalayan salt have hormone-balancing properties, which may be more than useful at ‘zedtime’.

10. Control blood sugar.
According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine (2000), the fiber in lemons helps to balance blood glucose levels, which is useful for type 2 diabetes patients and prediabetics alike, so don’t bother holding back the fibre as you juice.

11. Detoxify your liver.
Vitamin C helps us to produce glutathione, a foundational player in detoxifying the liver. It also has antiseptic properties that are useful for liver function.

12. Fresh breath! This drink may not be the first thing we think of when you think of fresh breath. Lemon and salt in this simple morning drink help kill the bad breath bacteria that build up while you’re sleeping.

13. Chill out!
Easy on the anti depressants! Chill out and return to Buddhahood by upping your vitamin C levels first thing in the morning.

14. Blood pressure.
Lemons are not all about vitamin C and fiber. They also have potassium, which is a must-have for flushing excessive sodium from the body.

15. Hey, Baby!
The same vitamin C content and hormone-balancing properties of our drink can help lift your mood. And a good mood is essential for a more er.. playful future.

16. Hydration is the KEY
We tend to forget how important hydration is, especially after a long sleep with no water. Start your morning off right and get hydrated. The water, salt and  lemon will get your day off to the perfect start.

17. An antioxidant powerhouse.
 Lemon holds a wealth of vitamins and minerals. Himalayan salt boosts your mineral and trace mineral levels even more. The antioxidant and detoxifying properties of lemon saltwater pack a powerful, free radical knockout punch.

18. Improve your heart health?
Lemons and real salt are reported as exceptional for increasing heart health on their own. Combine the two into one vibrant morning drink, for chest-thumpin’ health..

As I mentioned earlier, natural mineral rich salt supports electrochemical reactions in the body. According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2006), the Vitamin C in our lemon zinger is, “associated with lower endothelial dysfunction in men with no history of cardiovascular disease or diabetes,”

19. A Well Belly
Before breakfast, or any meal, this drink will signal your liver to produce the essential bile needed to clean out harmful gut bacteria. The fiber content and natural salt will also promote digestion.

The Makins’.

A glass of AlkaWay purified water rich in H2 (what else?) with a squeeze of one lemon plus half a teaspoon of Himalayan salt.   Too easy.

More great alkalizing ideas are in our New Alkaline Diet and Defence Program, available here now. It’s approaching 5000 downloads and is packed with 16 years of accumulated wisdom.
And yes, it’s free right now.

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