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Diet Soda and Dementia. Wow.

Diet Soda and Dementia. Wow.

Can prolonged consumption of Diet Soda give us dementia? This study says so! And we’re also telling you what you can drink instead.. with equal slim-power!

Alkaline Water: is it really better for you?

Alkaline Water: is it really better for you?

We’ve seen many fad water marketing ideas come and go over the years. But one that seems to be sticking around is alkaline water. It’s the best of the best if you are a bottled water marketer.. but does it really help our health?


Getting Serious about Hydration.

If you are around my age.. have a think about this: 39 Million Older adults have experienced negative health issues as a result of not drinking enough.

Do you know the BEST ways to drink water?

I’m working on a downloadable document that attempts to collect and refine all the ways we can drink water to optimise health. Boy, there’s a lotta theories out there but not a lot of science. Stick around.  

Hydration: How much water should you be drinking? Really?

It’s a given that we all should be drinking more water to maintain health, but sometimes we need to question the timing of when we drink water. The most common question we get is whether it’s good to drink water before or during a meal. Or, if you drink water during a meal, does it alter your stomach’s digestive acids, […]

Too expensive?

My business Guru, Seth Godin, talked today about value of things. He used this example: ” A $400 bottle of water is too expensive to just about everyone, even to people with more than $500 in the bank. They have the cash, but they sure don’t want to spend it, not on something they think […]

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