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Hydrogen in Water Ionizers; Is bubbly water good? Expert tells all.

For many years we thought that the milky tiny bubbles that appeared in our glass of water from our electric ionizer was a good thing. In those days we thought it meant ‘microclustering’. Now we know it’s molecular hydrogen. But is it a good thing that we see all these bubbles? Here’s what Molecular Hydrogen […]


I just watched the latest episode of the excellent series of ‘The Truth About Cancer’. In it, Ty Bollinger interviewed the vendors of two forms of enhanced water. One was ‘MRET Water’, the other was Hydrogen rich water. Over the last sixteen years I have seen so many new water systems come and go. Magnetized water, […]

Is your water filter / water bottle / water jug BPA free

I can clearly remember when polycarbonate water bottles were the best bottle to buy. It wasn’t so long ago! And now we are seeing results coming in on the effects. PA in mothers’ urine linked to low birth weights in China It appears that a pregnant woman’s exposure to BPA can increase the risk of delivering […]

The Scarcity Principle in Water Ionizer Sales

Amongst internet marketers, a powerful secret psychological weapon is a relatively unacknowledged knee jerk reaction most of us have to ‘missing out’. Smart marketers capitalise on this by offering limited time or limited numbers of whatever they are selling. I’m not here to judge the tactic: I can say it works because I’ve been caught many […]

Test before you Invest. Your water may NOT be Suitable for an Electronic Water Ionizer.

We are glad to be selling a natural water Ionizer like the UltraStream. We sold electronic units for 12 years, (since 2000) and only when the Australian water supply (in the last few years) began to increase calcium levels, did we recognise the problem inherent in the design of the electronic system. An electronic water […]

Where have you installed YOUR UltraStream?

When you have a really, really great water system like the UltraStream it doesn’t really matter where tit goes, as long as you can get the water. John, our man on the ground in California attended an open house recently, and guess what he found in the bathroom?

Fat loss and Diabetes support with molecular hydrogen?

Molecular Hydrogen (H2) has already been studied in depth and found to be an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory.  But what about diabetes and obesity? The development of type 2 diabetes is linked to increased oxidative stress (free radical damage).  A study using diabetic mice found that giving them H2 water improved obesity and diabetes parameters.  […]

Portable Hydrogen Rich Water bottles: a review of two

 Can we have hydrogen rich water anywhere we go? Yes we can! Ian compares an electronic portable hydrogen rich water product with our AlkaPod and comes up with some surprising results. Both make fresh molecular hydrogen infused in water on the go. Both alkalize the water using minerals. Both give the water good ORP. One […]

The Alkaway Fill2Pure Alkaline Jug or UltraStream?

We realised that there’s a price point where what may appear to be an economical way to begin alkaline water – with your own Fill2Pure Alkaline water filter jug- just may not be as economical as an UltraStream. This video explains the difference and lets you know when that pricepoint becomes a problem. It also […]

Microwaves and Water Ionizers. What do they have in common?

I received this from Tyler LeBaron today and it’s really worth a read. It’s aimed at vendors of ionized water. Microwaves Virtually nobody cares how/why they work but we all know they do and we all have one. And so too it is with water ionizers. It doesn’t matter how it works it just does!!!” […]

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