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We Compare 3 Water Ionizers for Molecular Hydrogen

Now we have a reagent test designed specifically to test for the presence of molecular hydrogen in our water, it’s easier for potential buyers to see what they are getting – or not.
We know now that molecular hydrogen is the most important ‘secret ingredient’ in water ionizer water, and that the higher the H2 content of the water we consume, the higher the beneficial effect.

It’s early days in the story of molecular hydrogen and so there are some people claiming H2 without even testing for it. I watched an interview of Dr Ohno from Japan, leading H2 scientist who laughed as he related that most molecular hydrogen device makers don’t even own a test for H2!

We used our H2Blue test on 3 Ionizers.
1. A copy of our own past model, the AlkaStream
2. On AlkaStream
3. Our own invention, the UltraStream.

For more information on the AlkaStream and UltraStream, we have a video specifically looking at why we went to the UltraStream, with a special offer for current AlkaStream owners.

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