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Test before you Invest. Your water may NOT be Suitable for an Electronic Water Ionizer.

We are glad to be selling a natural water Ionizer like the UltraStream.

We sold electronic units for 12 years, (since 2000) and only when the Australian water supply (in the last few years) began to increase calcium levels, did we recognise the problem inherent in the design of the electronic system.

An electronic water ionizer separates out and concentrates the alkaline minerals in the water.
A natural system does not.

When your source water is high in calcium, and it passes through the electronic system, it concentrates and changes from a dissolved state to a suspended state. In this crystalline form it’s ‘sticky’ and adheres to surfaces. We’ve all seen taps and kettles with this white layer of calcium.

Enagic-Plate-Damage-300x201In an electronic water ionizer this ‘clogs up’ the chamber and the pipes from the chamber. It can be alleviated by weekly or bi-weekly flushing of acid water, ( a pain in the butt and a big water waster!) but an indication of its prevalence is that most electronic water ionizer vendors exclude users in hard water areas from the warranty.

Unfortunately, many buyers learn of this exclusion only after buying their expensive electronic system.

So a test that checks the hardness of your water is about the best insurance against this long term and the very expensive mistake many people have made in their eagerness to get the benefits of ionized water. This (under) $20 test includes 2 test strips and tests for hardness, free chlorine, total chlorine, pH and nitrates. It’s from the world-renowned LaMotte Laboratories.

pH is another factor that dramatically affects the performance of an electronic water ionizer because performance relies on the amount of dissolved minerals in the water. pH indicates the presence of dissolved alkaline minerals, and generally speaking, lack of pH means means the electronic water ionizer has to work very hard to give a good amount of molecular hydrogen, which, after all, is why you buy a water ionizer. Too high input pH will also guarantee the unit will begin clogging up and lose efficiency almost immediately.

If you order a test from AlkaWay we’ll also send you a coupon for the value of the test to reward you for being a  clever buyer. You can use the coupon against your order of the UltraStream Natural ionizer.

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