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Just Meat Diet? Nooooo! Er... Yes.

Just Meat Diet? Nooooo! Er… Yes.

As my readers know, I have been on a modified alkaline diet for around 20 years, and I attribute my ongoing health, headspace and slow ageing directly to my diet.

Everybody’s Diet Story…

As we all know everyone has a diet story and everyone believes that if it’s good for them, it should be good for everyone else, right? So I’m sharing this amazing girl’s story just to demonstrate to myself as much as anyone that this isn’t so. That there is a strong personal story to every diet, and to tell someone that my diet is the holy grail is… well… at best, immature.
Tell me what YOU think!

theme (no, not that no all)

And… I need to add that there’s a lot more to the story.

I’ll be concentrating on this theme (no, I am not saying everyone should follow Mikaila!) of the right diet for the individual in the next months as I undergo my own 60-Day keto/alkaline/oxalates limitation diet.

Stay tuned!

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