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Breakfast: is it your ‘Meal of the Day’?

Cassie the Dietician isn’t Cassie the researcher and originator of the New Alkaline Diet. THAT Cassie is my partner, but Cassie the Dietician is also a brilliant researcher on a parallel path to us here at AlkaWay. She’s very much into Paleo and Low Carb, so are we.

So I’m happy to add some links to some of her excellent posts in a series of blogs.

Cassie has worked hard gathering facts about diet beliefs that frankly, are not true. And then busting them.

The first one I want to cover is her ideas about  breakfast. There is an idea floating around that our modern high speed lifestyle should just ‘drop’ breakfast and a cup of black ‘Joe’ is a good substitute.. or a doughnut at brunch.

As far as I’m concerned, I am NOT a Buddhist Monk whose first meal comes after a morning of meditation.
I want my tummy to KNOW what’s going on. In that sense am an an equal opportunity employer. I employ my digestive system to digest the healthy food I supply it, and it knows what is going to happen at 7am, around midday and about 7 at night, and it has the freedom to adjust its schedule to suit!

Cassie the dietician says that breakfast is not optional in a health-centered lifestyle! She’s not heavy about what you eat for breakfast because she’s not precious! She says that if eggs aren’t really your thing, that’s okay! She uses the acronym PFC to work out if a specific meal or a food is P-Protein, F= Fats and C= Carbohydrate balanced.. and she’s been very busy creating PFC balanced breakfasts for us. take a look at her top fave breakfast suggestions here.

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