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Hydrogen v Caffeine in the Sleep Deprived

Hydrogen v Caffeine in the Sleep Deprived

It’s early morning and daylight savings has just started and you are up before the sun is. You reach for your favourite caffeine-containing beverage and think what if there was something that would wake you up without the side effects of caffeine that many people have?

Well, there just maybe.

A study published in the journal Neurophysiology (Jan 2020) reported that in a test between Molecular Hydrogen and Caffeine the hydrogen performed as well as caffeine in improving alertness in sleep-deprived people.

But not in exactly the same way.

Hydrogen was slightly better at improving orienting to sensory stimulation. This means your automatic reaction to a change in the environment, especially to something new or significant. Like the person driving in front of you suddenly braking or swerving.

Caffeine was slightly better at improving awareness and executive attention. Executive attention is the ability to stay on task despite interruptions and distractions; also control of thought, behaviour and emotions. Like when you are really tired and this makes you grumpy and less patient with people asking what you think are stupid questions. Caffeine is better at improving your behaviour and tolerance than hydrogen is. So when the driver in front of you makes those really interesting decisions you don’t get out of the car and start swinging punches or yelling abuse.

The study indicates that caffeine and molecular hydrogen are both effective at improving alertness when you are sleep deprived. But you can get the improvement in alertness without nausea or jitteriness that can occur from too many coffees. For me, it means AlkaWay Hydrogen Tablets to get me safely to work and caffeine to help me work really well and achieve the day’s goals. And if at the end of the workday I don’t feel quite alert enough to drive home safely, then more hydrogen before leaving.

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