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A Simple life Hack for better acid/alkaline balance.

A Simple life Hack for better acid/alkaline balance.

My friend Bert the Gout Killer specializes in – guess what? – gout. He writes on and researches almost everything about gout after he managed to beat it.

So this really good but disarmingly obvious life hack comes from Bert. And it’s about something we can all work with.. if we remember!

You know how gout and sleep apnea have a big connection, right?  Well, that is all about blood oxygen saturation.  Blood oxygen saturation is all about how well you're breathing.

If you have to wear a mask, you need to take it off and get out in some clean air as much as possible, every day.

Here's the deal:  Most of us (mask or no mask) don't breathe as fully, deeply, and completely as we really need to.  That causes our blood oxygen saturation to be low, and when it's low, it can become acidic…with all kinds of blood byproducts like uric acid.

That makes you fair game for gout. 

Breathe Better, Kill Gout?

What is really amazing to me is that one of the best ways to create acid / alkaline balance is by really strong, focused breathing.

But, here's the interesting part: Most of us think that it's all about great big giant inhales…NOT.  It's more important to focus on the E X H A L E.

By focusing on the exhale – and it doesn't have to be some big dramatic thing – you dispel more carbon dioxide!  In simple terms, carbon dioxide is acidic!

So get busy.  Practice your breathing exercises and techniques.  It's a lifelong project and the benefit just might be a lot less gout.

PS: Bert began as our distributor in the USA. A great guy!

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