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Have you Met Leon? He’s our resident Alkaline and H2 Specialist here in Australia

Leon June 24


We asked Leon to tell us why he likes working here.

In answering that question, the first realisation is that I am in the “perfect” place for my skills, experience, intellect and personality.
I get to work with a small team of “dynamic” and slightly eccentric bunch of people.
We share many laughs as well as intense focus on what we do!
My main thing is that I really enjoy communicating with all types of people from many walks of life. I get to share the knowledge I have gained and distilled over 8 years working at Alkaway.
It’s great working with cutting edge technology. I love what we have with the UltraStream.
I love the fact I can stand at my desk. We are all ‘in conversion’ to standing desks.

I appreciate what it takes from all the members of a our team to successfully run a small business, and feel appreciated for my contribution.
I look forward to being apart of continued growth of Alkaway and the UltraStream through out the world!
That’s it for me!”

Leon Bartlett


Stay tuned for my bios of our international team

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