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Snake Oil.. or The Real Deal? You’re going to have to work it out yourself.

skepticThe Truth about Snake Oil

With our thanks to Professor Tyler LeBaron

“It is hard not to be skeptical about ionized water; even the name itself is misleading and unscientific. Water is neutral. It is not an ion, so saying “ionized water” suggests that the water is ionic, which is certainly incorrect. However,  “ionized” water does contain molecular hydrogen, and this is the reason for its having health benefits.  There is a lot of scientific literature on molecular hydrogen and ionized water. Ironically and counter intuitively, however, marketers of ionized water currently do not promote the scientific findings.  In fact, the science and the marketing information are currently two totally different things. We know that skeptics, wisely, will not precipitously accept any claim; however, what is often missed is that a true skeptic will also not impetuously reject an idea without first evaluating the evidence.  So let’s evaluate the factual evidence and forget this mumbo-jumbo marketing hype. Many people may not like my truthful approach to this topic and prefer the tell-you-what-you-want-to-hear scam. However, this webpage is dedicated to offering everyone the most accurate, correct, and current scientific information and enlightenment regarding this and other related areas.

Why do so many professionals think it’s a scam?

snake oilAlthough, the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare approved these “water ionizers” back in 1965, these devices only made their appearance into the American market within the last decade.  However, those who brought this technology were marketers/salesmen not scientists or doctors.  As such, much of the factual information has been lost, distorted, changed, and/or virtually abandoned altogether. This is evidenced by the fact that they currently do not market molecular hydrogen, but rather the microclustering myth. This has made ionized water appear to be nothing more than “snake oil on tap”. Indeed the amount of fictitious, pseudoscientific hogwash psychobabble has suppressed the factual science so much that most scientists, doctors, professors etc. emphatically state that such devices are mere marketing schemes. It is unfortunate that many “skeptics” quickly dismiss ionized water without researching the benefits. Their pretentiousness is preceded by the irony that they hypocritically do the very thing they are accusing the water advocates of doing, that is “dismiss scientific enlightenment”.  I personally have been mocked and ridiculed for believing in this “snake-oil”,  and have sought to distance myself from the very thing that brings me true health. The stigma is destroying the entire industry, but one can hardly blame these good people for refuting the numerous fallacious claims made by these companies/distributors.” Tyler LeBaron

Core Information

In reality there is enough factual and scientific information in this area that people don’t need to be make false claims about it, but most people involved in the business are unaware of all the supporting information. The page CORE INFORMATION contains important fundamental information regarding pH, oxidation-reduction potential, ORP meters, ionized water, electrolysis, microclustering, how to get the benefits of molecular hydrogen, etc. As you read the pages and blog posts on this website you will begin to understand the value and importance of Molecular Hydrogen.

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