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Why People Don’t Buy the AlkaWay UltraStream Water Filter.

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Common Reasons we hear against owning an AlkaWay UltraStream water filter.

We’ve been hearing the same things for 20+years now.

We get it. Some people don’t understand how ‘just water’ matters in their lives. So we decided to list the most common reasons people give us.

1.Tap water is good enough.
There’s a very old story of a woman barging into the Ministry of Water in London. The Thames had, after terrible pollution from (among many other things) sewage, been cleaned up and was running free and clear.

What have you done to my drinking water? She shouted. It’s got no colour and it’s lost its taste!

Many people think that their tap water is ‘good enough’.
They don’t think that being around 70% water themselves, it might be a good idea to have the best possible water in their body. They take for granted the amazing job water does in transporting food and energy, in perpetually rinsing cells, it washing away dead metabolic waste, in managing our inner thermostat, in facilitating cellular porosity.. The list goes on.. And on.. And on!

And yet, the same people will often be those who insist on premium gasoline at the pump, and only the best of oil in the sump. It would appear that their car is more important than their bodies.

Tap water isn’t what it used to be.
In fact it’s debatable if it ever was pure. The nature of water and where it comes from means it is composed of many, many natural and unnatural contaminants and natural components. Because the cost of removal of all of these ingredients is high, authorities have opted for chemical methods including brain-affecting fluoride, carcinogenic chlorine, and a combination of ammonia and chlorine, known as chloramines.

Beyond this reactive chemical strategy, we now know that over 200 cities in USA have seriously high lead in their drinking water, and hundreds of regions have carcinogenic PFOAs. Other major contaminants include nitrates, chromium, mercury, and many other lesser known, untested heavy metals. (600+ at last EPA survey)

There are literally hundreds of agricultural poisons in our waters.

So the question really is: if you cared for your body the way you cared for your car, isn’t a good water filter an asset and an investment in future health?

2. I can buy a water filter jug at any supermarket for twenty or thirty dollars.
Indeed, you can. Brita is the most common one, and it does remove SOME chemicals for a short time. However, it lacks many of the high-end media we use to counter harder-to-remove (and now common)nasties. It is a basic filter, better than none… but… you still may be ingesting chloramines and fluoride, and.. and.. and.

3. There are benchtop water filters available on E-Bay or Costco.
There are hundreds, possibly thousands of different models of water filters sold in America.

Most are made in China, but let’s forget about that for a moment.
The majority do not offer test results. They state that they remove taste and odour, chlorine and perhaps lead. But you almost never find independent test results.

Every food manufactured in the USA and sold in your local mart is subject to stringent safety limits.
And yet.. you can buy a water filter with no guarantee of results for the life of the filter, and no law to enforce this obvious requirement for your safety and satisfaction that you are getting what you paid for: a water filter that filters for its expected or stated lifetime.

We think that’s just not right.
Investigate the decrepit condition of America’s ageing water reticulation system – some of it is so old it still passes through lead pipes – and you’ll want to BEST water filter you can source or afford.
That’s why we created history in the industry by demanding an independent testing laboratory to create a ‘witches brew’ of contaminants, and to test the UltraStream for its expected filter life. (4 people drinking 2L/Day for a year)
It was a very expensive exercise but it was worth it.

We KNOW exactly what we are getting with an UltraStream, and so will you.

4. It’s Expensive.
When you compare it to bottled water in plastic it’s incredibly cheap. It’s going to cost you less than $1 a day. Less than a coffee. And that’s for the whole family!

When you compare the annual cost of UltraStream ownership to the cost of the health conditions that long term consumption of contaminated water cause.. it’s way in front, dollar for dollar, of any health fund we know!

And that’s assuming you just get good clean water. UltraStream, as you will read on this website, is so much more.

Like many things in life, in water filters, you gets what you pays for!

5. It’s not absolutely pure water
No it’s not. Absolutely pure water is not suitable to drink. It creates an imbalance in our interstitial (surrounding our cells) fluids which has to be saline and alkaline. The body then has to find extra minerals from the body in order to regain metabolic balance.

But.. it is incredibly effective in reduction or removal of the nasties, and incredibly efficient at keeping the goodies: the alkaline minerals, the molecular hydrogen and the natural quartz crystal energy.

Our genetic blueprint expects the type of water our ancestors had: clean, yes, but also mineralised and (for our ancestors who survived) alkaline.

We haven’t even discussed the value of naturally alkaline water, of the health benefits of drinking hydrogen-rich water, of being protected from heavy metals, PFAs, residual drugs, or any of the new exotic contaminants our industrial complex has managed to produce and drop into our water systems.o And we haven’t talked about the warm fuzzy feeling of actually knowing you’ve taken the steps needed to protect yourself and your family with healthy water, 24/7 – not on a supermarket shelf, but in your own home.

Want to learn more? Search for AlkaWay Ultrastream to find your closest national provider.

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