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Quantum Uplift Byron Bay has a deal for you!

Quantum Uplift Byron Bay has a deal for you!

Quantum Uplift is the next generation in wellness centres: a place that challenges your idea of what you can do for health and wellbeing!

Quantum Uplift is a next-generation wellness centre that Ashoka, its creator calls a human optimisation and cellular rejuvenation clinic. It uses leading-edge technologies that combine biochemistry with biophysics, to help detoxify, rejuvenate and upgrade cellular functioning.

This new paradigm in health is not only used by people who are unwell or suffering from potentially life-threatening illnesses. It’s also used by elite athletes, entrepreneurs, people interested in anti-ageing, biohackers, personal trainers and anyone who wants to optimise their vitality.

Some of the amazing technologies/products you can treat yourself to at Quantum uplift include:

Super Oxygen Saturation Therapy – Uses altitude contrast training to increases energy, reduce inflammation and improve cardiovascular fitness.

BioCharger – is an advanced subtle energy revitalisation platform that incorporates Tesla technology, Rife technology, and a multi-wave oscillator (Lahkovsky technology). Your cells will be recharged with voltage, frequency and photic light energy.

Red and Near Infra-Red light therapy -This photo Biomodualtion therapy is anti-ageing, reduces inflammation, muscle soreness and joint pain.

Quantum Field Light therapy – Puts you into deep meditative states to help reduce stress, anxiety and to help heal from the Quantum Field.

Lymphatic drainage therapy – Helps detoxify and remove infections from the body. It’s very slimming and toning as well as increases recovery rates for athletes.

Hydrogen therapy – anti-inflammatory, increases energy and athletic recovery, improves cell signalling and removes harmful free radicals from the body.

Stem Cell Activation – Activates your body’s own stem cells. Anti-ageing helps reduce pain and speeds up recovery from injuries.

True Cellular Detox Program – 90-day scientifically-backed detox program which uses high-grade supplements and supported by online detox experts.

To find out more information visit or call 0475 771 181

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