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Pesticides Stronger Than Ever: BAD NEWS for our water supply!

Pesticides Stronger Than Ever: BAD NEWS for our water supply!

Although there seems to be a reduction in the number of pesticides used in US farming, the toxicity of those products has more than doubled in the last decade.

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Pyrethroid and Neonicotinoids: stronger than ever.

Researchers publishing in Science discovered that despite reducing the use of pesticides, the new alternatives -pyrethroid and neonicotinoids pesticides has increased toxicity to non-target organisms substantially.

We are right to be concerned about the huge loss of insects and aquatic invertebrates over the past few decades, as well as challenging claims made by Big Ag that there has been a decrease in the environmental impacts of pesticide use.

With the introduction of mRNA pesticides, we enter deeper into the world of the unknown, in the process often casting aside well-proven systems of sustainable, low-input, regenerative agriculture that is less able to draw funding and investment from governments, Big Ag and Big Food.

And where does it all end up? In our water.

Still, believe you don’t need to install a good water filter?

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