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Why Drinking bottled Alkaline Water is.. er.. DUMB

It’s pretty simple really. Most water supplies are already alkaline. So why are you paying premium dollars for bottled alkaline water – in plastic? Yes, we’ve all accepted that drinking alkaline water was good for us and the metastudy we have on our website proves it.. but no-one asked about the water they already drink […]

A Simple Guide to Drinking water Contaminants

Common contaminants found in our drinking water Arsenic This toxic element is found naturally in soil and bedrock. Ingestion in high amounts can lead to serious health problems.   Chlorides Small amounts of salt are natural. Higher levels are unnatural and may indicate a faulty water softener, road salt, septic waste or fertilizer contamination.   […]

Fracking and the manipulation of our water supply.

Visit any supermarket. You see them stacked, row after row, brand name upon brand name. We are spoiled for choices … but we are fast learning that the ‘plastic habit’ can indeed be quite costly when added up. And then there’s the plastic question. Naturally, it’s better to choose glass rather than cheap plastic which leaches […]

Is your water filter / water bottle / water jug BPA free

I can clearly remember when polycarbonate water bottles were the best bottle to buy. It wasn’t so long ago! And now we are seeing results coming in on the effects. PA in mothers’ urine linked to low birth weights in China It appears that a pregnant woman’s exposure to BPA can increase the risk of delivering […]

The hidden carcinogen in Soda

We all know that soda packs lots of addictive sugar. Few of us know that soda has another ingredient that’s worth knowing about. Some caramel-colored sodas could contain a potential carcinogen, suggests a new study from Johns Hopkins University. Caramel color is a dark brown food additive. It helps give drinks such as cola their special hue. The […]

Dehydration and Heart Attack; The Link. And ‘Sludgy Blood’!

From HCPLive About half of a group is ischemic stroke patients were found to be dehydrated when they arrived at the hospital, a Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Stroke Center team reported—and they did poorly compared to the patients who arrived hydrated. Presenting a study at the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association International Stroke Conference in Nashville, […]

We’re going to drink more water! Yes we are…. maybe.

Nearly three- quarters (72 percent) of Americans will be committing to “drinking enough water” in 2015, according to a new survey conducted online by Harris Poll on behalf of the Council for Responsible Nutrition. “Water is a must! It’s essential to many bodily functions for people of all ages. We’re encouraged to see that people recognize the […]

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