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Why Drinking bottled Alkaline Water is.. er.. DUMB

It’s pretty simple really. Most water supplies are already alkaline.
So why are you paying premium dollars for bottled alkaline water – in plastic?

Yes, we’ve all accepted that drinking alkaline water was good for us and the metastudy we have on our website proves it.. but no-one asked about the water they already drink from their home tap and whether drinking $5 worth of bottled water (sent from Italy to Australia or America) a day will actually restore our alkaline balance.

So here’s the truth. It won’t! The best way to restore the alkaline minerals used up by our bodies in counteracting our acid overload is simple. Replace them in quantities sufficient to restore balance.

Sounds so simple, and it is. Yes, alkaline water will help, as will alkalizing foods, but for my money, taking the actual minerals in their original form is the obvious answer. That’s why every morning I take a glass of UltraStream water, and add a teaspoon of Alkaline Booster. That way I have my molecular hydrogen and my alkaline minerals aplenty.

Take a look at this video as I explain in full.



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